Magician’s Handbook 2 Review

Magician’s Handbook 2 Review

Dec 26, 2012

Magician’s Handbook 2 is a hidden item sequel to Magician’s Handbook from G5 Entertainment. Chronologically occurring two years after the original, it keeps a lot of the elements that made the original so addictive. It brought updated scenes, similar gameplay and a tight storyline to the gaming table.

In this iteration, evil sea pirate Blacklore figures to p corral good practitioners of magic so as to use their powers for nefarious purposes, and I had to use whatever I had at my disposal to stop him. Magic played an integral role in my adventures.

I really liked the graphics, which were handcrafted masterpieces. They gave the game a sense of persona that made it feel more authentic. The color overlay was done almost too well; it was quite rich, with hues bursting at the seams. The game boasted 16 unique locations, so there was plenty of visual scenes to enjoy along the way.

The gameplay revolved around ultimately defeat the enemy by solving puzzles in the mini-games. As noted, it takes place after the original, and a little being summoned my help to free friends. This boiled down to mostly finding objects, and finding the difference in similar motifs. There were 21 mini-games, so there were a good amount of different stuff to get into as I progressed. I liked that the developer included three levels of difficulty, and I found a keen eye was probably the most needed skill to successfully traverse the game, and I thought the developer did a good job of hiding objects, and providing some fun ways to uncover them. For example, wind with grass (hint, hint) was creatively entertaining. All in all, the puzzles worked well within the style and story of the game.

For a refresh, I found this game to be quite entertaining. It was a colorful (literally) break from the norm, and the varied missions make it worth a try.


Magician’s Handbook 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Very rich, hand drawn scenes set it apart.
Controls - Fairly intuitive.
Gameplay - Varied, with different levels and several mini-games.
Replay value - Fairly addictive
Overall - Great sequel.

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