Magnetized Review

Magnetized Review

Feb 26, 2014

I have to admit, my initial impression of Magnetized was that it’s somewhat boring, but has a potential to become good. Little did I know that the game actually does become good, you just have to play it for a while to get there. Magnetized is repetitive at first, and I’ve almost dropped it after a while. Good thing I’ve decided to wait until the second part of the game to stop, because when I actually got there, I couldn’t stop anymore. It sucked me in, and although I still can’t complete it, I think it’s a great puzzle game. Or is it an arcade game? That’s what is very unusual about Magnetized, and it’s what kept me interested in the game. On one hand, Magnetized requires fast reflexes and precision, but on the other – there’s no finishing a level on “perfect”, without deconstructing the level in your head and thinking your moves through.

The player needs to look after a little flying pixel. The pixel comes on a level from some side of the screen, moving in a straight direction. It needs to “pick up” three stationary pixels that are placed in certain places around the level, and then move out of the level, without hitting any walls or obstacles. Otherwise, the level ends and needs to be replayed. The trick is that the pixel itself isn’t controlled by the player. There are “grips” in the certain places. A gripq becomes active when the pixel comes closer to it than to others. When the player touches the screen, the Magnetized 3active grip “lassos” the pixel and performs a certain action to it. The grips in the first levels spin the pixel around themselves, much like actual lassos. When the player releases the finger, the pixel keeps moving in the changed direction. Levels become increasingly trickier, but when you get a grip on the mechanics, the game slowly starts to become a chore. But then, other types of hooks starts to show up, and Magnetized becomes a lot more interesting – especially when different kinds of hooks start being mixed together, and some parts of the level start moving around.

Magnetized is a very unusual game, no doubt about that. Very simple Atari-like graphics and chiptune soundtrack, as well as lack of hints or other in-game help set it aside from most of the modern puzzles and make it, for the lack of a better term, very old-school. I’ve personally had a blast, and although it gets quite challenging at the end, it’s definitely an interesting game.

Magnetized Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple, but stylish.
Controls - No problems detected.
Gameplay - Challenging and very interesting.
Replay value - Very captivating.
Overall - A very solid game with unusual mechanics.

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