Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim Review

Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim Review

Feb 14, 2011

Gamers looking for a robust strategy game to play on the go need look no further than Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim. This game brings robust sim and strategy elements to the Android platform, making it unique among the games currently available for Android devices. Each level tasks the player with completing specific objectives, and often there are multiple paths to victory. For example, in one early level, the player can either choose to wipe out all of the goblins in the area, or employ the aid of a necromancer to resurrect the slain rats the goblins feed on in order to quell their uprising.

The gameplay consists of creating various buildings such as a warrior’s guild, wizard’s guild, and a marketplace, and then constructing various types of units, such as heroes and wizards. You don’t get direct control of those units, but you can influence their actions by offering bounties for exploring certain parts of the map, or fighting specific monsters or buildings. Beating each level involves finding the right set of buildings and units to achieve the required objectives. You have to spend your money wisely in order to build up the right kind of defenses for your kingdom without going bankrupt or getting overrun by monsters.

The story is simple but charming. You’re the new king tasked with solving problems set in motion by the now deceased previous king. The writing shoots for humor, but often falls short of the mark. Still, the plot points are strong enough to provide adequate motivation to progress through the game.

Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim only has a handful of shortcomings, and they all relate to the game’s presentation. The game is visually simple, which on its own isn’t a big deal, but when combined with vague tutorial hints and poorly laid out menus, the result is an unnecessarily steep learning curve. Getting a feel for this game takes a little while, and that’s largely due to poor UI design, and presentation issues.

Despite some poor design choices, and a so-so story, Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim is definitely worth checking out for anyone interested in sim and strategy games. With multiple ways to complete each level, and online leaderboards, you’ll find yourself playing each level over and over in an effort to get a better score. Just remember, it’s easy to get wrapped up in this game. If you’re playing it on the go, keep an eye on the time so you don’t miss an appointment, or drain your battery.

Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - Simple graphics and sound. Not bad, but nothing to write home about
Controls - Touch controls feel muddy - you'll often click the wrong thing by accident, but it seldom inhibits gameplay.
Gameplay - This game provides robust and addictive gameplay sure to appeal to any strategy fan.
Replay Value - This game provides multiple ways to complete some of the levels, as well as online leaderboards to encourage replay.
Overall - The game may have a few problems, but overall, it provides an enjoyable experience.

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Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

Michael Kurz
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  • Well, I liked it, but the trailer says “16 breathtaking missions”. The game has seven levels, plus one survive-as-long-as-you-can bonus level. Where are my other eight breathtaking missions?