Major Mayhem Review

Major Mayhem Review

Aug 7, 2012

Major Mayhem is a shooter for fans of the action games and movie culture of the 80’s and 90’s. Players control Major Mayhem, who is out to save the world from baddies from all across the globe, who also kidnapped his girlfriend. His bloodlust is only matched by the number of bullets he has, which is a lot. Tapping and/or holding on the screen fires at enemies, and letting go gets back behind cover.

This is definitely a game for fans of the woebegone light gun shooter. In particular, fans of Time Crisis should find a lot to love here with the cover mechanic and the ability to shoot down incoming red bullets. There are also sections where players run, and can jump to dodge bullets and hazards. Coins are earned, and objectives can be completed to get more coins as the player’s rank increases. Many ranks are references to famous action movies, and the whole game has am ‘action movie’ vibe to it.

The game has options for high and low resolution graphics for different quality devices. It looks great at tablet resolutions, and runs smoothly on modern devices. There are a variety of modes to play, with a 45-level mode, a 60-second high score fest, along with a pair of modes where the “Classic” mode levels are played in random or fixed order.

The free to play aspects of the game are such that while playing for free does require some patience and grinding to unlock the good weapons, they don’t require a lot of money. In fact, the game feels like purchases are designed for those who want to use the consumable items like powerups and continues on a regular basis. Case in point: the most expensive weapon is 10,000 coins – $0.99 buys 10,000 coins. It’s a fair enough system.

However, it really feels like the scoring is designed around supporting those who do shell out for the good weapons as scoring is based on damage as well as good shooting. The ‘Hero Time’ poweup that slows down time makes it easier to keep those high-scoring combos going. Also, aiming can be difficult because it feels like everything is being shot at an angle.

Major Mayhem is a free game that fans of shooters will definitely enjoy for its nonstop action and levels that will last a long time.

Major Mayhem Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Crisp cel-shaded style, that looks great on high-resolution devices.
Controls - Tapping on the screen works well, yet something always feels slightly off with the accuracy.
Gameplay - This is mindless light-gun-inspired fun.
Replay Value - While the different modes are mainly just variations on the same concept, there's plenty of levels to play.
Overall - A solid free download for fans of action-packed shooters.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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