Mine Maze Review

Mine Maze Review

Sep 5, 2013

I am positively sure that mining is the most popular current profession in all of gaming culture. Not even counting Minecraft, there are tons and tons of games that are based around mining, or have it as one of primary mechanics. It could be great to actually have a realistic game about mining, but it would probably be something completely dull, except for occasional cave ins, which result in an inescapable death traps – so, it wouldn’t be great at all, come to think of it. Mine Maze was released recently, and although it revolves around mining, it has about as much realistic mining gameplay as Angry Birds have ballistic models.

Mine Maze 2Mine Maze puts the player deep into the ground, and tasks him with finding three gold pieces in a series of levels. The levels are tiled with square blocks. Most of them are filled with dirt, some of them are empty, and some of them are impassable. The miner is controlled by swiping in four directions, but has quite limited mental capabilities, as he keeps on digging, until he hits a rock, reaches an opening, or goes off the limits of the level. It seems that the limits are lined with dynamite, as the hero dies if he does that. So, the player needs to move him around the level very carefully, so he would always have an opening before him. The miner leaves a trail of empty squares behind, and can travel inside them, stopping when he hits a rock. The fact that he can’t be stopped differently means that Mine Maze is a challenging puzzle, where the player needs to think his position through, and try hard to collect all of the golden prizes. I didn’t have any significant problems running through the first bunch of levels, but the do become progressively harder, and it’s getting a bit more difficult after a while. There are really lots of levels, so I think that it can get quite a lot more tough later.

Mine Maze is a fun game. It’s free-to-play, so the ads are there, but otherwise – it’s a sweet puzzle with lots of levels, which are a joy to complete. It does have some levels removed, which are accessible through an in-app purchase, but never mind them, as Mine Maze is quite long even without the additional levels. All in all, it’s a fine, simple game.

Mine Maze Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Very simple, but not ugly.
Controls - Just swiping. Nothing difficult.
Gameplay - Very simple, but quite fun.
Replay Value - Lots of levels means lots of levels to beat.
Overall - It's very primitive, but very engaging. A fine combination for a free-to-play puzzle.

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