Mig 2D: Retro Shooter Review

Mig 2D: Retro Shooter Review

Feb 25, 2014

It’s very difficult to describe Mig 2D: Retro Shooter better than it describes itself. It’s a game that is “retro” all the way through. It could have been released on Sega, almost intact, and I wouldn’t bat an eye. It’s actually impressive how retro it looks – but it’s also the game’s biggest problem. This and the complete lack of any sound effects.

The story is told in short dialogues at the start of each level, and I don’t want to describe it, but it’s there, and it gives the game much-needed goals and sense of progress – something that many other shoot-em-ups lack severely. It also features several game modes and mini-games that help maintain interest to the game after a while, when the main campaign is complete. It also looks quite impressive, with pixel-art sprites and effectsMig 2D Retro Shooter 3 drawn with great detail. The problem is that the game is repetitive and doesn’t have anything new whatsoever. You know what it also doesn’t have? Any sound effects whatsoever.

I think its gameplay is obvious from the screenshots. A plane flies up and shoots continuously. The player controls it by dragging a finger around a screen. Enemies come from the top and the player needs to pew-pew them to death, evading their pew-pews. Upgrade gun, use bombs, get bonus lives and health, don’t die. Some levels have a bit different rules. For example, in one level, the player can’t shoot and has to evade debris that are flying at him. The slight changes in rules are a great way to keep Mig 2D: Retro Shooter interesting. But yet, for some reason, it just feels off for me. Maybe the shooting part is unbalanced in some way, maybe it’s the lack of interesting abilities or power-ups, or maybe it’s something else. Quite possibly it’s because there are no sound effects.

Since Mig 2D: Retro Shooter is free-to-play, there’s nothing stopping anyone to check it for themselves. There are ads, and they are a bit annoying, but they don’t break the game or anything. The music also grinds into the ears like sandpaper after ten minutes of gameplay, but when it’s turned off, the game becomes completely mute. And for some reason, it lags on my Asus Memo Pad tablet, but works completely fine on my phone. In general, it’s not excellent, not bad. But there’s no sound effects.

Mig 2D: Retro Shooter Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Graphics are great. Did I mention there's no sound effects?
Controls - No real issues
Gameplay - Unoriginal, but generally alright.
Replay Value - High, due to lots of game modes.
Overall - It's mostly alright, although I was not very invested, for whatever reason.

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