MobiTexter Review

MobiTexter Review

Mar 29, 2012

There are certain situations in which a mobile phone user has to be away from their phone to work on their desktop computer. However, in this digitally connected world, this certain user might still need to communicate with SMS using their phone.

MobiTexter is an innovative way to send and receive SMS on a desktop computer through their website, For this to work, one simply has to install the phone app, register using his Google account, and sync contacts and SMS. Note that the app will not sync SMS that was previously sent before installing it. To view and reply to incoming SMS, one needs to go to in their desktop browser. Once logged in, the user is able to view incoming SMS and reply accordingly.

This app is pretty impressive because of its simplicity and how one doesn’t need to have advanced technical skills to use it. The sync process is a breeze and the interface is as simple as it gets. The app’s interface does not really need to be perfect since it’s used for syncing the phone’s contacts and SMS and the user would most likely spend more time with the desktop computer and the Mobitexter website.

The website, however, is also too minimalist – maybe a little too much. The setup is pretty basic and there’s not much navigating one can do other than read and reply to SMS. Although it is great that the contacts auto-complete when typing a name in the To field, which is close to how it works on a phone.

Although it does sync the phone’s SMS since the app was installed, it will not sync any deleted messages made on the site to reflect on the phone. Hence, deleting messages will not prove productive if it only deletes it in the website’s interface but not on the phone.

Overall, Mobitexter is a great solution when the situation calls for it. There might be some users who are wary of allowing an app to access their SMS Inbox, so this app is not for everyone – and most definitely not for daily use. Surely the developers have some sort of protection against possible hacking but one can’t be too careful – especially with Android’s open source nature. With these considerations in mind, one simply has to use with caution and only when it is absolutely necessary. At the end of the day, the app does deliver what it promised without any frills.

MobiTexter Review Rundown

Performance - No issues here, sync happened quite fast with a 3G connection. Of course it might depend on the number of contacts on the phone.
User Interface - The phone app is quite simple, but the web interface needs to have a more attractive UI.
Re-use Value - This app may not be of use on a routinary scale, but one that is useful at certain times.
Usefulness - The no-hassle and easy setup makes this app a perfect quick fix.
Overall - Mobitexter is a great app for providing fast, efficient SMS-to-desktop functionality

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • i am

    working perfectly, nice app!!

  • Adam Pepper

    I need to send 100+ texts to my corporate mobile phone users.  This app is going to save my thumbs.  I have sent a few test SMSs and it seems to work very well with my HTC connected via Wi-Fi.

    Each message is sent as a seperate text so there should be no problems with sending 100 at a time. 

    I can also access the webpage from my iPad without problems!  I’m very happy with it.

  • David Marroquin

    “not able to register please try after some time” tengo problemas al ingresar