Motley Blocks Review

Motley Blocks is a uniquely addictive puzzle game with an arcade twist. While its goal is as simple as connecting blocks with the same color, the execution is not as easy as it seems. For something that’s visually sparse, it’s still pretty addictive and fun to play.

The challenging element of Motley Blocks is not so much as connecting same-colored blocks, but managing to do it while they rotate within a limited amount of time. In this game, you not only need to clear all blocks, but get it done on time.

To connect the blocks, one only needs to swipe through them and release when finished. The longer the link, the bigger the points earned. Blocks can be linked together as long as they’re near each other and are not blocked by other blocks with a different color. All blocks should be cleared before the time limit. The game makes clearing boxes more entertaining by having the cleared blocks form different images such as human figures, animals, and even food items.

One does not need to complete a level before going to the next one, and there is an option to replay a level or proceed to the next one regardless if the current level was cleared or not.

The game requires internet connection and a registration (by providing an email address) or a link to a Facebook account. This is needed to play the game’s main mode, which takes the player to all levels and saves game data. There is, however, a Quick Play mode, which can be played without a network connection, but will not store game data. As a result, one would have to start over every time Quick Play is restarted.

The main game mode also allows for accumulating points, social sharing, leaderboards and power ups. At the start of each level, one can purchase different power ups such as bombs to clear off blocks faster, freeze blocks, and a time extension for longer playing time. These can be bought by using points accumulated throughout the game.

Another nice addition is being able to create images and sharing them to other players.

The loading screens are a bit clunky on my HTC Sensation, but once the game starts, the lag seems to disappear. Tapping on blocks and linking them might be easier if the blocks where bigger, or some might actually prefer a bigger screen to see where their finger is going.

The game is 80 levels rich, and have interesting images with a Lego-esque feel. This should keep one entertained enough even without replaying it.

I must say Motley Blocks is the first block-breaking puzzler of its kind. It’s unique, fun and surprisingly interactive. While its game play may not be for everyone, those who get the hang of it and try to build an expertise are greatly rewarded. I almost gave up on it at first, but giving it a few more rounds actually had me hooked. After all, puzzles should be challenging while being fun at the same time.

Motley Blocks Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - With minimalist graphics and sound effects, this is not the game's best feature.
Performance - Animations and game play runs smoothly, although loading screens can sometime be choppy
Game Play - Simple and responsive game controls help clear blocks as easily as possible.
Re-Play Value - There are more than enough levels for re-playing the game, as well as other perks like social sharing and competing in leaderboards
Overall - Motley Blocks is a puzzler that's fast paced, fun and quite original -- a must for those who want to try something new.

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