Move It! Game Review

Move It! Game Review

Oct 27, 2010

I like to “Move It!, Move It,” you like to “Move It!, Move It!,” we like to “Move It!” Sorry, got that song stuck in my head. You might be thinking this is a dance game of some sort (I know I was ready to cut a rug) but in fact the game “Move It!” is a slide block puzzle game by AI Factory Limited. Hoping to fill a void in the “Rush Hour” block puzzle genre, AI Factory released “Move It!” for Android back in June. It has since undergone various updates and is available in both a “Free” (72 puzzle, with ads) and “Paid” (672 puzzles, no ads) version. As with any game or app, I always recommend trying the “Free” version first to get a taste of what to expect. I did in fact try both versions and now it’s time to give you the rundown.

Upon playing you are met with a start screen which prompts you to choose to begin either with or without music. At first I found this an odd way to start but I now realize it’s quite ingenious. This avoids those embarrassing moments, you know, the ones when you think you have the volume on your phone turned down but soon realize your entire office is staring at you because you are now blasting Angry Birds theme music. With “Move It!” you get a music free start screen which allows you to then choose how to proceed (I’m a fan).

Next up is the main game menu where you can choose one of the 6 different difficulty levels (each with 112 puzzles) to play from. You also have a “How To Play” option (self explanatory). The first thing I noticed was the mesh of undesirable colors. Thankfully you can hit your menu key and select from 4 different backgrounds. Some other options include toggling music, sound, status bar and screen animations.

The game can be played in either “Portrait” or “Landscape” view which is a relief but you will find that any time you switch orientation you are automatically brought back to the pre-start screen. While your progress is not lost, this is extremely annoying (so hold your phone steady).


The object of “Move It!” is very simple. Try to move the main red square game piece onto the highlighted space (also red). Sounds easy enough, right? Well, you have various blocks ranging in size and color blocking the path to your goal. The fact that there are 6 different difficulty levels makes it easy to choose puzzles to meet your mood (casual/take an advil). The graphics are sub par and even though this is just a simple puzzle game I think the developer could have spruced it up some. Game music is very soothing and reminds me of an acoustic lullaby. Maybe it’s meant to soothe the gentle beast inside when becoming frustrated with more difficult puzzles?

Game controls – You have the ability to play the game using either touch screen, D-pad or numeric keys (numeric keys didn’t work for me). Using your preferred method, you simply slide/move the blocks within the grid to try and create a path for your red square. That’s about it, controls are very simple and easy to understand.

On screen there are a couple of different in-game information bars.

  • Moves – Here you will find the number of moves you have currently taken. This will help you see how close you are compared to the “Target” number and whether or not you should start over.
  • Target – Next to the “Target” is a number representing the target amount of moves in which to complete that puzzle. At the end of each level you will be awarded a trophy of either gold, silver, or bronze based upon your ability to come as close as possible to the “Target” scores.
  • Record – Here you can view your current record (number of moves) for that particular puzzle.
  • Puzzle – This shows what number puzzle you are currently on. Press the left or right arrows to move forward or backwards to whichever puzzle you wish to play.
  • Undo – This isn’t an information bar but an on-screen button that can be used to undo any moves you have already made. You can also restart the puzzle by holding down the “undo” button.

There is also one more in-game option that can be accessed by pressing your devices menu key. There you will see a “View Solution” option which will allow you to view that puzzle’s solution. Be aware that if you use this option it will result in you automatically receiving a bronze trophy for that level.

So what do I think? Well after I tweaked the background image I found the graphics a little more bearable. Game music made me feel as if I was sitting in an upscale coffee/book store and I can’t quite decide if that’s good or bad. Gameplay ranged from easy, casual, to throw your phone at the wall. I found the “Free Version” to be enough for me to handle but the “Paid” version just has way too many puzzles. Since the graphics and gameplay don’t change, you start to get bored after a while. It’s like doing a puzzle at home 672 times. You can scatter the pieces differently but in the end it’s still the same puzzle.

For the die hard puzzle fanatics who love a challenge, this game will not disappoint. I would love to see different background themes or something “new” thrown in here and there (other than just another block) just to break up the monotony of it all. My final verdict is: Download the “Free” version and you will have plenty of puzzles at your disposal to play at will. I can only recommend the “Paid” version to those hard core puzzle people who can’t get enough of their puzzles. This should keep you busy for quite some time.

Move It! Game Review Rundown

Graphics / Sound - I'm not a fan of the graphics. Sound is pretty neutral.
Game Controls - Extremely simple and easy to use. +1 for versatility (D-pad/keys).
Gameplay - Challenging but a tad overwhelming with all the levels. Free version is more than enough if you aren't a super puzzler.
Replay Value - There is oodles of Replay Value but only if you are REALLY into puzzlers.
Overall - Graphically unappealing, intelligently challenging but overwhelming and repetitive. Good for the avid puzzler but still overpriced. Free version is all you really need.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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    Where do I go to downoad the free version of “Move It’.  I can not find it