Multi Reps Review

Multi Reps Review

Feb 1, 2011

Next up is an app for all the “girlie men” out there trying to get out of their contracts with Mr. Beer Belly. Multi Reps by Androiders is a “Health & Fitness” app designed to help users create and track multi-rep routines. Listed multi-rep routines include: “Push-ups,” “Sit-ups,” “Squats,” “Dips,” and “Generic.” These are simply reference names and can be edited to fit the users needs.

I fired up Multi Reps and actually began to feel enthusiastic to begin a daily routine of push-ups. The app is slick with nice large polished icons for easy identification. I decided to give the automatic routine generator a try. Set up was extremely easy and only requires a few user inputs. I went for a current max of 20, a goal of 50 with a fitness level of average and a routine length of 5 weeks.

I was a tad perplexed by the randomness of my first days routine. The numbers really didn’t make any sort of logical sense and they had me doing 42 push-ups on the first day? Not really a gradual step towards my goal of 50 when you think about it. Between each rep is an automatic rest period (you can skip the rest if you want) of 60 seconds with warning beeps towards the end to let you know when to start up again.

Results from each day are saved to a “Diary” page for later viewing and aren’t much more than a total number of reps. You can set a notification to remind you to do your routine at a specified time but don’t count on noticing it. There’s a quick vibrate and then it inserts the Multi Reps icon into your notification bar. Not a great notification method but I guess it’s better than nothing.

Since I didn’t have 5 weeks to test the app I skipped to the end. To my surprise — once the routine is over it just stays stuck at the current week and day. There’s no “restart,” “start new routine,” or even any sort of congratulations. It just stays on that current page until you go ahead and configure it differently. Even after hitting configure and changing the routine it starts you off at the current week and day you ended. To start over you have to find the week/day option and manually choose “Week 1.”

It really becomes a hassle trying to start a new routine over the existing one and it shouldn’t be. A quick press of a button should create a new routine and start you off at the beginning. This is not the case with Multi Reps, and I soon found myself wondering if this app was worth the trouble.

While routines and rep counts are customizable, there really isn’t anything in this paid app that warrants it worthy of the price tag. You can’t save any of your progress to SD or even export it for that matter. Notifications are barely noticeable and there are only 5 slots to use for exercises. Generated routines are completely random and not very in tune with your goals and certainly don’t represent any form of progressive training.

Multi Reps costs just over $2.00 US and I can’t help but wonder why? You can essentially get the same benefits from good old fashioned notebook paper (or a free notepad app, which will have better notifications). If you’re looking to start an exercise routine there are much better alternatives than Multi Reps. Since there is no “trial” or “lite” version (or developer website), you’ll just have to take my word (well my opinion actually) on this one.

Multi Reps Review Rundown

Appearance - Very slick and polished looking icons on top of a rubber gym mat background to ensure comfort and protection.
User Interface - Minimal interaction makes it easier to focus on the exercise at hand. All touch actions are clear and responsive but navigation can become frustrating.
Functionality - Everything functioned fairly well, then got confusing, and let's not forget the fact that I put a goal of 50 push-ups in and they had me doing 77 (ouch)!
Usefulness - Nothing here you can't do on your own for free. Missing tons of features that would make it useful.
Overall - Only 5 exercises, no exporting or saving of workouts, weak notifications and completely random work out routines. Better alternatives exist.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Mr Jernberg

    You have obviously missed the whole point that the goal you enter is CONSECUTIVE reps without resting, not the total reps made during the workout. I am using the app and the generated reps for each workout is far from random. It pretty well follows the improvements you get from doing the workout 3 days a week and gives you a suitable challenge each time.

    The workout results are presented in a nice bar graph in the app and it’s very easy to see your progress. So I really wonder why you think it is bad that you can’t export the result to a file on the SD card? Do you want to print it on paper and put it in your bookshelf or what would you do with the file?

  • Zami

    I have to agree with Mr Jernberg – you seem to totally have misunderstod the purpose of this app (“Reach Your individual goal of consecutive repetitions for any exercise!”). Its pretty simple and straight forward, but very neat and usable. I just wish there would be more exercises added.

  • Orko60

    You’re doing it wrong.