Neon Beat Review

Neon Beat Review

Jan 28, 2014

If you’ve enjoyed the simple and distilled gameplay of Super Hexagon, I can say right now that you will probably like Neon Beat. It has the same style, and the same gameplay, stripped of all distractions. Well, it’s a bit more varied than Super Hexagon, but it’s the kindred spirit. In Neon Beat, each level consists of a blocky shape in the center, and a ball moving counter-clockwise around the borders of the screen. When the player presses on any part of the screen, the ball shoots towards the center of the screen. If it doesn’t hit anything, it reverses back, and starts moving again. If it hits a block, however, it deflects, just like in Arcanoid-styled games. If it deflects into another block, it destroys it as well – you know the drill. If the ball gets deflected towards a wall, it starts moving around the borders again, from that position.

The task is to smash all of the blocks, before the timer runs out – and let’s just say, the timer is harsh. Not “beat it for three stars” harsh, but “beat yourself with your own tablet to unconsciousness” harsh. It’s near-impossible to beat some levels, and for a long time, you depend on luck as much as on your ability to poke at the screen. Player can’t directly control speed, or direction of the ball’s movement, just shooting it at the center, and aiming to destroy the most tiles with one hit. Although the game isn’t completely unfair, and presents the player with some Neon Beat 4helpful power-ups. They can slow time, make the ball faster, or create additional balls. They are randomly created, so look for the glowing squares that contain them. They also need to be picked up fast, or they are destroyed. Such is life.

Neon Beat isn’t only difficult – it’s also really stylish. The neon, club-like design, bright colors and awesome soundtrack help ease the pain that is actually trying to beat the damn game. It’s another thing that puts it close to Super Hexagon. The ball actually adds to the music beat, and creates a charming and totally rad atmosphere. By the way, the player can unlock different colors for the background and different balls by spending the points he gathers throughout the game. Oh, and there’s an actual level generator, if you really want to participate in the game. Overall, it’s a bit frustrating, but ultimately very fun experience. If you are not easily irritated.

I can’t believe I used the word “rad” in an actual sentence.

Neon Beat Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Catchy and very stylish. Definitely an eye-candy.
Controls - Simple as can be, but the precise direction of the ball is often unclear.
Gameplay - Simple and very challenging, but fine.
Replay Value - It boils you right to the point where you can't stop at defeat. Also, lots of levels.
Overall - I loved this game, but it's not a mutual feeling.

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