Little Nick: The Great Escape Review

Little Nick: The Great Escape Review

Jun 18, 2013

Little Nick is a running game game that is based on the popular Nicolas TV and books character. It’s a running game, and the abbreviated top-down view is quite reminiscent of endless runners like Temple Run.

In this adventure, we ditch jungle temples and crazed monkey-ish beasts for somewhat suburban streets and Mr Goodman in pursuit. And, we get a bike!

For background, Nick is framed for the dastardly destruction of a window, and takes off out the property gates on his two-wheeler to escape the vengeful Goodman after him. But these city streets are littered with obstacles, making escape especially hard. The graphics were more than decent, with good animations.nick1

The cycling Nick goes forward on his own, and using tilt motions, it is possible to steer him to the left or right while going forward. This helps to avoid the debris that line — mostly blocked — the escape route. As in Temple Run, swiping up and down causes Nick to jump or slide respectively.

I liked the inventive obstacles put into play: there are things like fire hydrants with intermittent spray, road hurdles of different heights, and even cars in intersections. Additionally, there are collectible gold coins and ice cream cones. The gold coins are usable in the in-app store to purchase upgrades (fun stuff like speed boosts or coin magnets) that make the game more exciting to play. The game also incorporates a ton of challenges. These challenges are generally thresholds that, when attained, unlock a reward of some kind. The way this all ties in together is nifty, as it encourages symbiotic play… play to unlock stuff that makes playing easier. The challenges themselves were fairly varied, like getting a set number of ice cream cones or traveling a certain distance in one go. The boosts were leveled, meaning that they were staggered in their increases.

Overall, it was familiar enough without being a clone, and that’s just one of the reasons it can be so addictive.

Little Nick: The Great Escape Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice looking game with nice animations.
Controls - Tilt and gestures.
Gameplay - Interestingly set, with familiar gameplay and nice boost methodology.
Replay Value - Quite addictive.
Overall - Fun gameplay and gold collection highlight a pretty good production.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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