Notebook Wars Saga Review

Notebook Wars Saga Review

Nov 3, 2014

Notebook Wars Saga is a fairly fun flight arcade, where the player pilots an aircraft that flies around and destroys enemy air-crafts by the hundreds. There’s no telling whether the hero is defending his homeland, wiping out a noble alien race, or lying on the floor with a sketchbook, high as a kite on acid. Either way, there’s a bunch of missions that the player needs to complete, each one containing more and more hardy enemies. Thankfully, the main plane is also getting stronger.

After destroying an enemy, the player can pick up gold that they apparently store on-board, and use it to purchase better weapons and planes at the store. There’s a load of various tools of destruction, including napalm bombs, lasers, Gatling guns and whatnot. Each has slightly different effect and rate of fire. Additionally, better planes have Notebook Wars Saga 2better health and speed, and can even be equipped with more than one weapon, meaning the player has to think of different weapon combos that would work best. Of course, the best weapons and planes require secret Nazi reserves’ worth of gold. On the other hand, even if the player dies in the middle of the level, he gets to keep all the gold he earned, so it’s not that difficult to farm some gold even if you can’t actually progress. So, if the player is good, he’ll get through the game faster, but if he’s not, he’ll just have to farm for better weapons, and then go through the enemies like a high-powered plane through butter. If the player manages to kill every single enemy on the level, he also gets some bonus gold, so it’s worth replaying old levels with better weapons. Oh, and there are also bombs that the player can launch a couple of times during the level, eradicating a screen-full of enemies, and power-ups that make the plane fire at a higher speed for a while, or heal itself up.

Notebook Wars Saga is a solid, classic arcade with straightforward mechanics and a cool visual style. Its gameplay is not unique, and gets a bit repetitive after a while, but it’s fun and challenging enough to be interesting, without getting unfair. Overall, a fine game to spend an afternoon with.

Notebook Wars Saga Review Rundown

Graphics/Sounds - Simple, but stylish
Controls - Nothing special, but work fine
Gameplay - Classic arcade action
Replay Value - Pretty interesting to replay.
Overall - Has enough meat to distinguish itself from other air arcades

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