Open Sea! (Go Down Mo!) Review

Open Sea! (Go Down Mo!) Review

Feb 18, 2013

Whether or not the Bible is a part of a person’s beliefs or not, it’s out there for all to see. Not too many games are out there made to be fun vs. preachy, but Open Sea! (Go Down Mo!) tries to balance this. The plot of the game is Mo is saving people from Egypt. To escape, he needs to part the waters and let them go across. Seems pretty simple, right?

The people are staggered in a way that’s challenging to get them all across at once. The water needs to be moved to let the different waves of people through. Some of the people are a lot slower than others. This is where the divine power of the lightening strikes come in to motivate the blessed slow people.

The lightening bolts also can slow down the mummies. Did I mention the mummies yet? Nope. Mummies are chasing the people. If they catch one of them, they are a goner. The mummies need to be drowned to stop them. Luckily the people can hold their breath a little longer than the mummies can so is a mummy is tussling with a person, run the water over them and the person has a better chance at making it out alive.

I like the animation. It looks like little paper cutouts of the people waddling along. The scenery is the same. It reminds me of a grade school play setting. The controls are pretty simple. A swipe here, a double tap there, the occasional shake of the device. Later in the game other heroes show up to help. When Mo saves Jess, he makes it so the people walk on water for a little while. Other characters come in at different times with other powers to help the people get across safely.

Open Sea! (Go Down Mo!) Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Love the graphics, not a big fan of the background music.
Controls - really easy controls make the game more fun.
Gameplay - Overall the game is pretty easy. I wish there was a faster way to accumulate stars though.
Replay Value - A lot of levels and just plain fun would make me come back for more.
Overall - Open Sea! (Go Down Mo!) takes a topic that'st usually dry and not fun and makes it into a fun game with great graphics.

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