Pac-Man Championship Edition Review

Pac-Man Championship Edition Review

Aug 9, 2010

Reviewing Pac-Man is kind of like reviewing Pong: If you haven’t played it yet or aren’t familiar with it, you probably aren’t even reading this right now, let alone have an Android phone. But Pac-Man Championship Edition does have enough interesting qualities to it that it merits a review and your consideration, regardless of whether or not you’re a hardcore Pac-Man fan.

The basics of Pac-Man still exists in this game. Your goal is to eat the PAC-Dots and the Bonus Items while avoiding the Ghosts until you eat a Power-Pellet, then they’re free game. Every 20,000 points earns you a bonus life and the more points you earn without dying, the faster Pac-Man travels. What’s different about this version is that there aren’t exactly levels like in the traditional game. There are three different game options: Championship Mode, Challenge Mode (1,2), and Extra Mode (1,2,3). To win each mode, you’ll have to survive for either 5 or 10 minutes and rack of as many points as you possibly can.

The levels aren’t filled like the original Pac-Man, but instead different patterns of PAC-Dots with a Bonus Item on each side. Grabbing both items will redraw the PAC-Dot pattern once you’ve already gathered them all, continuing the quest for more points. This sounds simple, but it actually gets quite challenging with the speed of the Ghosts and Pac-Man constantly increasing. To keep things even more challenging, there are a series of achievements you can unlock. I say this a bit tongue and cheek because these achievements are simply unlocked by playing the game, not by anything outlandish or out of character.

The graphics and sound feel more like Tron-like than Pac-Man. Maybe things just got a bit more trippy in Pac-World, but it’s definitely still enjoyable. You can play the game in Portrait or Landscape Mode. Portrait Mode is a bit more zoomed in and doesn’t show the full screen at all times, while Landscape Mode is more zoomed out. I liked Landscape more than Portrait when things got sped up, but it’s definitely your preference as both are enjoyable. With controls, however, stick with swipe. Accelerometer is even more gimmicky and frustrating than it sounds and will completely turn you off from playing this game.

Pac-Man Championship Edition Review Rundown

Presentation - A pretty solid package, from the App icon to the game itself.
Graphics - It's a retro game turned neon! Nothing spectacular but it keeps the original feel while breathing a bit more life into it.
Sound - The special effects are just as you remember them from the classic
Gameplay - As long as you avoid the accelerometer control, you'll be smooth sailing through this Pac-Man adventure.
Overall - Fans of the classic should get this immediately. Those looking for a quick play game should do so as well.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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