PES Manager Review

PES Manager Review

Jun 24, 2014

Soccer fever is spreading across the globe thanks to the World Cup. If you are a soccerfan looking to take your addiction on the go, look no further than PES Manager for Android.

Sports management sims generally require a large time devotion and tons of knowledge about the sport. However, PES Manager is not your typical sports management sim. The experience is catered to more casual players who only have a few minutes to play at a time. Rather than bogging players down with a plethora of options and deep menus, PES Manager opts for an RPG-style experience.

More than 1,500 real-life football stars from European leagues are represented in the game in the form of badges. Players collect badges by winning matches and will have to set up their team for the best chance of success. Users can change formations and substitute players into the starting lineup before fielding their team in friendlies or special matches.

New badges are earned through the game’s prize draw system, which is powered by friendship points and energy balls. Taking on other players in the game nets users friendship points, which can be used for a normal prize draw. Winning matches gives players energy balls that unlock more helpful premium prize draws. If all of this sounds foreign to football fans, that’s because it should. PES Manager aims to harness the mobile strategy, ditching realism for a more fantastical approach that is more accessible.


During matches, players are shown the action on the pitch. You can watch in real time or use a fast forwarding mechanic to skip to the most important moments. However, it is all kind of pointless for a mobile sports sim. Every part of the game is designed for playing on the go, so a brief flash of the score and rundown of the game would serve the same purpose without costing players’ time.

It is easy to get lost in the menus while playing PES Manager, but success comes down to fielding the right players, improving player badges and earning points during matches to continue improving the squad. In order to achieve this, players must first overcome a confusing menu system.

Most of the game is spent setting up formations and managing badges in the menus, which suffer from a poor user interface. It sucks the fun out of the game by reducing its most important aspects to a mindless clicking chore. While users are never in control of the players on the field, they will sometimes feel they are not really in control of their team off it either.

PES Manager is only a soccer game in title. At its core, it is more Pokemon than sport. When leveling up player badges, users will almost expect to see Ronaldo evolve into a Charizard (which would probably make for a better game). Achieving success feels more like solving a game-beating formula, but it can only come from grinding match after match. In the end, having a dominant team offers little reward.

PES Manager Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The game has surprising solid graphics for a management sim.
Controls - The user interface suffers from poor design but the game mostly involves simple touches and swipes on the screen.
Gameplay - There is so much RPG depth, the game loses sight of its soccer roots.
Replay Value - Once players have grinded their way to greatness, there is little incentive to continue.
Overall - PES Manager is a solid game for players on the go but it could have been so much more.

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