PewPew 2 Review

PewPew 2 Review

Apr 13, 2011

PewPew 2, a sequel to the free dual-stick shooter PewPew, is largely similar to the first game – it looks and plays almost identically to it, minus the addition of new powerups and ships. However, what you get for your $2.99 is more content. You get a new endless mode not in the original PewPew, and a new campaign mode that presents you with a variety of challenges to complete, and actual levels to progress through. This both introduces you to the game’s new elements, and provides you with a challenge to try to beat. Oh, and there are tricky boss fights as well.

PewPew 2’s greatest strength is its variety. It’d almost be enough for the game to have just its 5 endless modes, one of which is exclusive to PewPew2 (with 2 extra ones unlocked after completing the two Campaign chapters), but the game ‘s 2 campaigns add in a lot more length and challenge to the game. Some of the modes, like the Chromatic Conflict mode that have you changing colors to take out enemies of the same color, make this game more than just the typical Geometry Wars clone. The online leaderboard service is also ingenious – it not only shows the top 48 global scores, but it lets you watch the replays for all the top scores, and it saves the replays for all your local top scores. The vector graphics are not complex, but they allow for the game to run incredibly well, and the game looks crisp on high-resolution displays.

PewPew 2’s controls are probably the biggest trouble spot – the on-screen indicator often makes it hard to tell in which direction you’re shooting, exactly. It makes it often difficult to angle your shots perfectly, and a more traditional joystick visual design would help. There is no cooldown invincibility when you take damage like in most games, so it’s not hard to die quickly when you get in trouble.I have Sometimes the challenge and design of the modes can make you feel like you’d need actual physical controls to handle it. This is especially true in a level like Chapter One’s “Ying”, which demands that you jacknife through waves of green and blue enemies while you try to change your ship’s color so you can destroy them. As well, the game largely just serves as a full version to the original PewPew, considering the only real additions are 3 new endless modes and the Campaign mode, making this more of a paid upgrade rather than a sequel.

PewPew 2 lacks at times in the originality department, being another dual-stick shooter that borrows from the Geometry Wars design aesthetic. However, beyond the controls, it does what it does really well, and this is definitely one of the finer dual-stick shooters available on Android.

PewPew 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Graphics are very simple, but they look crisp. Soundtrack is nice, but doesn't really cue up to the actual gameplay much.
Controls - It's very hard to tell which direction you're moving or firing in based on the indicators. They just don't have the kind of precision that you need sometimes.
Gameplay - Geometry Wars clone? Yes. But there's plenty of variety and original elements here as well.
Replay Value - 5 endless modes, 2 campaign chapters, 2 additional endless modes you can unlock, all with online leaderboards and replays to watch.
Overall - While the gameplay is hardly new, the reason these games keep getting made is because they're quite fun, and PewPew 2 is no exception.

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Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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