PinWar Review

PinWar Review

Oct 11, 2013

Pinball is one of those old-school games that are almost always perfect as-is. Why? It presents the perfect union of physics, chance and human skill. It’s beautiful… even the electronic versions seem best when they are presented “traditionally.”

Maybe, just maybe PinWar is an exception. “The” exception?

In this game, basic pinball gets souped up into a battle zone that pits fast reflexes against human opponents or artificial intelligence.

There are a few different play modes. In Quick Battle, it’s a war of attrition; play continues until one side loses all available tokens, with friends being expended with every pinball conceded. This mode is s quick shootout. pin1

The Battle Mode is a fleshier version of Quick Battle, with different and customizable tables. Winning yields better payouts, too. In Missions, there are achievements to unlock for pride and country. There are quite a bunch to get through, and some are easier to tackle than others.

The actual gameplay feels sort of like air hockey with paddles. Each side gets two, and the basic premise is to get the pinball through the opposing wickets. Using taps on each side to invoke the familiar swiping motion of the corresponding paddle, defensive and offensive moves are possible. In some levels, there are bumpers that add to the challenge; the bumpers can be helpful, but can also fling pinballs backwards at a fast rate. At points, there are multiple pinballs going, which adds to the challenge factor.

The graphics are wild and bouncy; just what one would expect of an arcade game. Blue hues are prominent, and I suspect those with an eye for customization will really like at least one of the game modes.

This game is definitely best played on bigger screens, especially with regards to dual player modes, as spacing becomes an issue.

It’s a fun game with a lot of levels, and worth a look.

PinWar Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Loudly appropriate
Controls - Tapping: intuitive.
Gameplay - Interesting variations to a classic type of game.
Replay Value - Fairly Addictive
Overall - Great game with multiplayer aspirations.

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