Pixel Defenders Puzzle Review

Pixel Defenders Puzzle Review

May 30, 2014

I would have never thought that by combining basic role playing game elements with elements from a puzzle game like 2048, it would result in a compelling game like Pixel Defenders Puzzle. But it did and I’m quite surprised how well it worked out.


Pixel Defenders Puzzle is a remarkable game. In it, players take control of their own group of warriors on a grid, while battleling all kinds of monsters on the top of the screen. Those monsters can be orcs, thiefs or even magicans and they can all attact from a distance, just like the player. The goal of the game is to protect a certain v.i.p. member on the battlefield, while keeping his health high and doing so in the least amount of turns. Players can put different kinds of soldiers on the grid, by placing three blocks of the same color in a row. Doing so, a type of warrior appears, making it ready to fight the bad guys on top of the screen.

Players can even put out stronger versions of those warriors. By combining three of the same types of those warriors, a new, stronger one appears. This can be done several times, making those characters stronger and stronger and giving them abilities to damage the enemies. This system, combining the same type of things close to each other, resembles games like 2048 and Threes at its very basic. Instead of swiping the corresponding types together, players have to put them right next to each other. Either by figuring a way out to do so while playing or by doing it manually, but with the cost of precious in-game points. Those points are also needed to attack and can be earned after succesfully combining the same types of things on the grid.

The stronger the characters on the grid, the more strategic the game gets. In the beginning, players can survive waves of opponents by just attacking them. But not long after that, they have to think ahead, keeping in mind the amount of moves before the enemy can attack its v.i.p. again and making sure that he doesn’t die. The small basic like rpg elements are big enough to plan ahead, with things like poisoning and freezing or just awesome lighting attacks, damaging more than one enemy at the time. And the game looks en sounds very cool to, with its 16 bits look and feel. There are even power-ups to make combining characters easier or gaining an extra in-game point to attack, and more.

Pixel Defenders Puzzle is nothing like I have ever seen before. It combines basic rpg elements with a easier to control version of 2048, and really knows how to emerge a player by offering small strategic choices. And, thanks to its massive tutorial, I think everybody can play it.

Pixel Defenders Puzzle Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Reminds me of the 16 bit era.
Controls - Very understandable and easy to learn.
Gameplay - The gameplay is a surprisingly good mix between and rpg and 2048.
Replay Value - This game offers many levels and challenges, enough to do!
Overall - I had never expected this from this game - it's a more than nice surprise!

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