Pixel Kingdom Review

Pixel Kingdom Review

Mar 26, 2013

Pixel Kingdom melds some great FANTASTIC concepts: Kickstarter projects, tower defense and retro gaming.

I admit to being a huge Kickstarter fan; there is something inherently cool about crowd-sourcing dreams and seeing them (in the nice cases) getting the funding and eventually coming to fruition. Pixel Kingdom is a Kickstarter success story, and as such, it is a huge pleasure to have the opportunity to review it.

It is a hybrid tower defense game that is a little bit different from the norm. It splits the playing area into three lanes, with the game engine units (the offense) marching from right to left, towards my wall, where these enemy units inflicted damage.

My defending units could be invoked to defend the lanes. In classic tower defense style, different levels had different cost values; I had to pick carefully to put the best unit in the best lane at the right time. Now, depending on the power of the opposing unit, my players could be destroyed or beaten back, as could the enemy units. My units kept on marching till they were overrun, or off the screen to the right.

The units showed a fun degree of variety; relative efficacy was directly proportionate to cost, as to be expected. Resources to purchase were replenished and created by destroying enemy units. The game got harder at the end of every level, and I got performance stats at the conclusion of each one. There was the occasional treat chest too.

The graphics were a true treat, reflecting a time when 8-bit was the standard look for video games. I thought the retro look simply worked in this case (and I hold to that even though I admit to my love of retro games).The jerky movements and tentative colors were excellently rendered.

Another great thing about the game is the ongoing development. New unit types still make their way to the game, and the built-in community from kickstarter helps with continued propagation of ideas.

This was another cool game, with an almost cooler real-life backstory.

Pixel Kingdom Review Rundown

Graphics - Gloriously retro in appearance.
Controls - Nicely laid out, and fairly intuitive.
Gameplay - Easy to understand, and fun in implementation.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Great game based on a great true story.

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