Pixel Towers App Review

Pixel Towers App Review

Mar 30, 2012

For anyone who has ever been to the game room at a restaurant or movie theater recently those block stacking prize games should be familiar. Typically in those games any piece that is not stacked onto a block below it is lost and the game continues until there are no blocks remaining. Coming from the fine people at The Grey Studios is Pixel Towers, a game that is fundamentally unchanged from those arcade standards albeit with a clever new coat of paint. Even thought it is made kind of obvious by its name, the art design in Pixel Towers is pixel art and, even though there isn’t much time to take it all in, the detail in each block is quite extraordinary. Each block is a new level for an office building and they are bustling with workers and the floors are surprisingly varied keeping things fresh and interesting.

As expected, the higher the office gets, the faster the blocks fly by, but Pixel Towers throws in a sly wrinkle by slowing things down randomly; on paper, this seems like a hanging curve but in reality the dramatic change of speed is the equivalent of a change up in baseball. Another smart addition is that every so often the game will give back a lost square. For example, if there are two squares remaining, it will turn into three at random moments giving the player a second chance after a mistake. This mechanic helps make a very unforgiving game a little easier.

Unfortunately, even with these two additions the game remains just too simple to really captivate anyone for more than 5 to 10 minutes because it is essentially the TicTac of the gaming world. After playing two or three games, the Pixel Towers really loses its charm right up until about the next time five free minutes become available.

Pixel Towers App Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The pixel art is well done and very detailed even if there isn't time to soak it all in. Sound could be better but it doesn't distract from the experience.
Controls - Honestly, the controls could not be simpler. Tap on the screen to drop the floor. Thats it, just one button.
Gameplay - Same as control, the gameplay is about as simple as they come. The few tweaks that are thrown in do a lot to enhance the gameplay but Pixel Towers will be seen by some to still be too simplistic. The lack of alternate game modes is glaring.
Replay Value - After giving the game a few tries there is not much pulling you in for more due to the one dimensional gameplay and lack of different game modes really hurt Pixel Towers. There is some good long term replay value here however, given that the game is challenging and fills a quick moment of boredom handily.
Overall - The simplicity of Pixel Towers is both its best attribute and the reason that it may be easily forgotten. It is truly the TicTac of the app world, it won't sustain you for long but it's good while it lasts.

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