Plekos Review

Plekos Review

Nov 6, 2012

True soccer fans don’t just watch. They play. Thing is, there isn’t always the space to show off skills. Miniature soccer sometimes solves the issue.

And no, I am not talking about Foosball. No. I am talking about the cheap, homemade variant of table-top soccer that creates hometown legends: Coin Soccer. Yes, I have very fond memories of hours burned perfecting my skills. Don’t judge me; back then, the internet was barely a gleam in Al Gore’s eye, and it was hard to watch cable TV without, well, a TV. We all had plenty of time to burn.

So, when I found out TotMob put out Plekos, an Android port of this game, I sensed that it was my time to flex my rep. Yessir.

At the root, Coin Soccer is simple. It usually consists of a small, (usually) wooden board with 22 nails somewhat evenly spaced around. Goals are scored by maneuvering the ball (a coin, button or bottle top) into the goal. Usually, a predetermined number of consecutive plays were allowed (way back when, we had three flicks each), after which the opponent takes his/her turn.

Plekos has great graphics; they were simple but effective. The UI was bright and inviting, and the the board looked fairly authentic without looking cheesy. The physics were realistic; I came away with the feeling that the developer has played the “real” version of this game regularly. Customization opportunities included the ability to change flags, and I could also change the number of touches too.

Gameplay was fluid; on a 7-inch game, it was a lot of fun. Plekos offered me an opportunity to play the game engine, or an opportunity to play up to 8 local players in quick games or tournaments.

I’d like to see a few more unique enhancements, like true multiplayer and/or adjustable layout templates. Plekos is too good of a game to be restricted to gameplay on one device. It is fun enough to have me waiting — and playing — in the mean time, though.

Plekos Review Rundown

Graphic/Sound - Would love more football-type talk. Great graphics.
Controls - Easy to understand; perfect for touchscreens.
Gameplay - More gameplay options will be welcome.
Replay Value - Hard to put down; developer should add multiplayer capabilites.
Overall - Fun game that brings a back porch classic to life.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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