Random Heroes 2 Review

Random Heroes 2 Review

Jun 17, 2014

Random Heroes 2 is an action game, in which the player can not only purchase additional weapons, but also get new heroes as well. There’s no storyline in it, as the player gets dumped into a bunch of zombie-filled levels and has to get through them, slaughtering zombies and collecting various items. The gameplay is generally somewhere near Contra, although it’s not as extreme.

The difficulty of Random Heroes 2 is a problem, by the way, because the game seems to think that raising difficulty means simply giving the enemies an ungodly amount of health, so that each enemy would take up to thirty seconds to kill. Combined with a rather uncomfortable aiming and a handful of health points per level, and the game becomes a Random Heroes 2 2nigh-impossible chore. The only real way to advance anywhere is to hoard coins that are spent on purchasing and upgrading of numerous weapons and characters. Speaking of which, they are a problem, as well. There’s a lavish choice of the weapons and characters. It’s great by itself, but each one of them also requires upgrading to make the stats better. There’s about 20 guns and about as much characters, adding up to a god damn time sink just to upgrade some of them. Constant chasing for upgrades is precisely the reason I don’t want to play modern FPS games – and it’s precisely why I don’t like Random Heroes 2 as well. Although I do somewhat appreciate the fact that there are so many choices, the game balance is definitely twisted to the wrong side.

Returning to the controls, “aiming” part is quite off, as well. The character can shoot in front of himself, and raise the gun to shoot at a higher angle. He suffers from some sort of arthritis, I think, because he can’t lower the gun, and even raising it feels odd. In short, it’s another feature that shouldn’t have been implemented in the first place.

In conclusion, I didn’t have my hopes up when I launched Random Heroes 2, and I didn’t really get anything out of it, so I don’t know. It’s a game that has some interesting ideas, but they are slapped into a big, unending “meh”. It’s not even horrible – it’s just meh.

Random Heroes 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - No problems here.
Controls - Aiming is really uncomfortable.
Gameplay - In places it's quite frustrating.
Replay Value - If you're into it, there's lots of cool heroes and weapons to unlock
Overall - Interesting ideas, unappealing realization.

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