Retry Review

Retry Review

Nov 5, 2014

Rovio isn’t just a company making games – specifically making Angry Birds games. It also published games from other developers, like the game Retry.

It wouldn’t do the game Retry justice by calling it a Flappy Bird clone. Maybe that game brought a new genre of mobile games upon us, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. In case of Flappy Bird, well, there was a lot to wish for. You know, like, better, more responsive controls, for instance. Or how ’bout an hit detection that actually makes sense. Stuff like that.


Over the past few months, we’ve seen, and sadly: I’ve played, a lot of games within the same ‘one button gameplay’-genre, otherwise known as Flappy Bird clones. They all had something different than the original. Better controls, colorful environments, a hit detection that actually makes sense or even game modes or gameplay interpretations we thought we’d never see with this kind of gameplay.

Enter Retry, a new ‘one tap’ game, published by Rovio. it is a game where you control a plane across a level. The thing it, it only starts its engine, when you tap the screen. If you hold the screen, the plane will go up, making a looping as a result. By slowly tapping the plane, you’ll see it will actually glide along the clouds and bushes, on its way to the end of the level (where you can land as you see fit).

The controls of Retry are brilliant. It did not took a long time to get used to them and within minutes, I was flying the plane like I intended to do. It really felt I was controlling it and that is an important aspect of this genre. Also: the hit detection made sense. Literally everything you touch is deadly, except for the runway of course, but it was always fair in my eyes.

The game has plenty of levels and challenges you can complete, so there is enough to do. In those levels, there are even checkpoints you can activate by spending an in-game coin. Coins you can collect during flight (there is always one easy to grab) or can buy from the menu. But I never felt forced to do so. Fun is what matters in this game – so give it a try. Even if you hate Flappy Bird.

Retry Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It has some nice graphics and its own style.
Controls - The plane mechanic is brilliant with the one tap controls.
Gameplay - Offers way more depth than initially thought.
Replay Value - There are tons of levels and challenges to overcome.
Overall - Retry is one of those games you can play for a long time, because it's addictive, fun and works pretty good.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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