Robotek Review

Robotek Review

May 31, 2011

What would you do if evil robots took over the world? Build giant robots of your own to fight back, utilizing obscure slot machine technology to select your armies, attacks and buffs? If you answered yes to that, then Robotek is the game for you. Heck, even if you answered “no,” you’ll probably still enjoy it.

Robotek is a strategy game by stealth; you build units, choose whether to attack or defend and protect your own power source from your opponents attacks. The game is turn-based, and at the start of your turn you choose one of three types of action – build, attack and hack. Once you’ve chosen your desired action, you spin the wheel and the game randomly assigns you three actions of that type.

For example, if you chose to attack your opponent, you might end up with a laser shot, a microwave charge and an electrical burst. If you’re lucky, your spin might land on three of the same symbols. Not only does that unleash a hyper powered version of the attack, buff or unit, it also lets you spin the wheels again, allowing for more carnage.

Robotek has a look all of its own, and it’s one that deserves special praise – the game is beautiful. From the menus to the world map where you choose your next mission, from the delicious bursts of light when you destroy an opponent to the simple symbols that show what actions you can perform, everything about the game is a visual delight. The sound too is remarkable – Robotek is clearly a labor of love by some hugely talented individuals.

Some might not like the in-app purchase system that the game uses – it’s perfectly possible to finish the game without spending a penny, but the purchases give you a better chance, as well as opening up the multiplayer component of the game. That’s a minor grumble though, because this is a game that’s more than worth paying for.

Robotek is a wonderful little title, that really shows off the creativity and innovation of the team behind it. It finds the perfect balance between action and strategy, presents itself in a unique and breathtaking way and, perhaps more importantly, is a barrel load of fun. Hexage and Robotek have set the bar, it’s now up to the rest of the developers on the Android Market to try and catch up.

Robotek Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - Wonderfully presented, Robotek needs to be seen and heard.
Controls - Simple, responsive and intuitive. Exactly what you'd expect really.
Gameplay - Balanced and nuanced, Robotek shows all the hallmarks of a developer at the top of their game.
Replay Value - So much to do, and multiplayer thrown in on top if you're willing to pay.
Overall - One of the standout titles available on the Android Market. Clean, easy to play and impossible to put down. Download it now.

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  • The AI cheats!  Don’t play this game.

  • Rapa

    Then play for free online, no cheating there.

  • Drew

    The entire games is rigged in favor of IAPs, especially in the multiplayer mode. I have made it to level 30 rated currently at 6350 and have a 74% ratio, only because I’m a stubborn idiot who apparently loves punishment and extreme frustration, and because the saving grace is that IAP’s never bother to develop strategy. But then again, why should they? Most of their hacks work and they’ll roll 3 to 5 times more triples than a non-payer. It’s sad because this game could be awesome. Pay-2-win is the unfortunate policy of hexage….they must be republicans. If you still want to play…masochist…forget the “strategy” guide. It’s a joke. It just sts you up to be perfect cannon fodder and easy exp for IAPs. Spend coins wisely, only 1 in each attack (laser, microwave and shock) focus mainly on your bots (who gets most coins depends on your own strategies) and load up on hack and energy drain. Don’t use attack on a naked mainframe, use rapidfire bots with energydrain. If your opponent is an I IAP, they’ll hack the heck out of you so try only working with one well protected bot (Droid with firewall works well) they’ll have a much harder time hacking your only bot and you can do a surprising amount of damage with only one once it gets to heroic. Don’t give up on hacking if it doesn’t seem to be working right. If a triple hack fails… Try again. You might not roll a triple but it’s more likely to work the second time around. Only use attacks to clear bots out of the way so your bots can get to the mainframe. And just because you can use a nuke, doesn’t mean you should. If they use theirs first and you still have it (and are not dead) you will most likely win.