Roid Rage Review

Roid Rage Review

Feb 28, 2014

If you peruse around the Google Play app store, you see there is a race to fill the void left by the departure of Flappy Bird. Most of these clones coming out are the exact same thing, just with slightly altered graphics, some of them actually try to change some things. But then, from minds only St. Louis, MO could produce, comes a game with a slightly similar idea, but way better, called Roid Rage.

Roid Rage isn’t some game about Jose Canseco or Sammy Sosa. Rather, it’s a game about the extreme rage you the player will suffer while guiding your spaceship through a massive asteroid collection, while collecting puddles of “Juices” throughout space. Your ship appears to be a one man vessel without weapons, but can turn like no other and doesn’t have a break pedal. You could try to throw the word “endless” on this game, but the better description would be the Atari classic Asteroids on super serum.


It’s not like Roid Rage is a linear game where you guide a ship through stationary asteroids either. Everything in this game, which just includes Asteroids and “Juices” are placed randomly, while also moving at random. Therefor, unlike the Flappy’s of the world, it requires a touch more skill to avoid death. The added bonus is the collection of “Juices” which are just bright blue blobs on the playing area. The whole goal of the game is to collect as many of those as possible before you die.


The controls for this game are also pretty simple, and worth noting. You can only turn the ship, as it never stops. A right turn is executed by touching the right side of the screen, while a left one is done by touching the left side. That’s it, a pretty simple control scheme that will give you a false sense of superiority. Those controls, while simple, do little to tame the ultimate anger and sheer frustration intentionally caused by the crafty developers.

Fans of other Butterscotch Shenanigans games (Towelfight 2, Quadropus Rampage) will recognize the art style, as well as the generous in-app-purchases approach. However, this game is not quite on the same level as their smash hit of last year. Roid Rage is part of a series of mini games that the two brother studio plans to put out while working on their upcoming title Crashlands. No word on what future mini’s will hold, but if Roid Rage is any indication, you will want to check them out.


Roid Rage may not compare to the greatness that is Quadropus Rampage, but that doesn’t mean this title is a throw away either. It may be hard as heck, but it’s still a simple and fun arcade game. Just be prepared for a rise in your blood pressure while stress-fully trying to dodge asteroids, while you undoubtedly avoid work to play this petite IP.

Roid Rage Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Typical style from this developer.
Controls - Stupidly simple.
Gameplay - For a free mini game, it's certainly an attention grabber.
Replay Value - Are you a masochist? Did you like Flappy Bird? Then yeah, you're going to play this, and play it again. Cry some, then come back for more.
Overall - While not quite Quadropus Rampage, it's nonetheless a great and frustrating game.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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