Rush Rally Review

Rush Rally Review

Jul 31, 2014

Rush Rally harkens back to the warm, hazy past of video games where top down racers sat in smoky arcades waiting to eat quarters.

Rush Rally is a cool topdown rally racer. It’s the player against the clock in their steel gray steed of speed. Using a very simple control scheme with just buttons for turning left and right and a brake and accelerator the player throws their little car around various courses. The player races both at night and during the day and on sand, snow gravel and good old tarmac so there is always something new. There are plenty of barricades and trees to run into, but if the player goes too far off track or seems to get stuck, the game will helpfully replace the car back on the track, ready to roar off.

Screenshot_2014-07-26-23-10-27Rush Rally lacks other opponents. Like most rally games, it’s all about beating the clock. At the end of a course the player is issued penalties for slamming into objects and leaving the track and if their adjusted time is under the target time they win and proceed to the next stage. The time limit is very friendly, so the game never feels unfair.

Rush Rally nails the mobile game format. Racing is simple and addictive as anything and the races are just long enough to be enjoyable and engaging, but short enough to squeeze one in no matter where you are. This kind of bite sized but super fun gameplay is just perfect. Rush Rally can be played for an hour or just a few minutes.

Screenshot_2014-07-26-20-07-33Rush Rally looks just great. Smooth, clean environments mesh well with the pleasing detail of the player’s car and the way dusty surfaces kick up behind the car is nice too. The game has a warm look reminiscent of games gone by, but still modern enough to hold up against other racers.

Rush Rally is virtually devoid of annoying in-app purchases. The only shred of freemium in the game is a fuel system. Each race costs a fuel point of which there are 5 and they take about 6 minutes each to recharge. A one off payment of about $4.50 completely removes the fuel system. There are no other microtransactions of any kind in Rush Rally and it is well worth the price as it is lot of fun.

Rush Rally is fun stuff and a raft of updates promised by the developer includes new cars and improvements to gameplay so it can only get better!

Rush Rally Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Simple and stylish. Great looking environments and smooth animation. Good motor sounds.
Controls - Very easy controls.
Gameplay - Polished addictive retro gameplay. No nasty in-app purchases.
Replay Value - Not a whole lot to do, but fun to play and to try to beat previous bests.
Overall - Rush Rally is fun stuff and can only get better.

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