Sheep in Hell Review

Sheep in Hell Review

Apr 29, 2014

In Sheep in Hell, the player controls a wolf that gets into hell and has to kill sheep in order to stay “alive”. So, it’s nothing like a wolf hell at all. Regardless, the player needs to control this wolf, who looks like a monster from original Alone in the Dark, by tapping around, and leave hell by completing challenges.

The controls are simple, but get in the way of the game a lot. The player needs to hold his finger on the screen, so wolf would go there, and tap on the sheep so the wolf would jump towards them. If he crosses paths with sheep while jumping, the sheep will be killed. The problem is rather obvious: when you hold a finger on the screen, there’s no way you can see what’s going underneath it. This is usually solved by also making alternate control scheme, like touch sticks and buttons, but for some reason they are absent from Sheep in Hell.

There are three difficulty levels in Sheep in Hell – 10, 20, and 99 levels deep. While the first two are rather simple to complete, 99 is, unsurprisingly, not. The game also has an unusual level structure. Sheep in Hell 3Each level is infinite, so it’s possible to go from room to room, kill sheep and chickens and more sheep, lose and restore health, without making any progress. The only way to make progress is to complete a challenge. Every time the wolf is going to a new room, the game gives a challenge description – like destroy 10 enemies in 9 seconds, and if the player beats the challenge, a door to an elevator opens, and the wolf transcends to another layer of hell. While the idea is good, there are only several challenges, and half of them simply require the player to outlive his enemies. Most of them are also pretty unimaginative.

I’m conflicted whether this game is good or not. It’s just okay. It lacks any customizable or unlockable elements, and each new run is almost exactly like the previous. If there were more mechanics, or if the challenges were more complex and numerous, then it would actually be an unusual roguelike of sorts, but with such limited options, and I count the later bosses and new enemies, it’s just a mediocre action game with a hero that Minecraft would consider too blocky.

Sheep in Hell Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nice levels, weirdly minimalistic characters.
Controls - Holding and dragging a finger across the screen in an action game is never comfortable.
Gameplay - Simple idea that lacks variety to become a simple and interesting one.
Replay Value - There's no reason to replay it once you've completed it, but it's fun for a while.
Overall - Nice idea, but mediocre realization and almost complete lack of variety.

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