Shurican Review

Shurican Review

Jul 25, 2014

Man, developers still make flappy games? I thought that that hype was over, but judging by the game Shurican, there still were some… I don’t know what to call it… Innovations..? …left in the subgenre. Yeah, I was surprised as well.

How much can different people do with one mechanic? And especially the flappy mechanic? By looking at the flappy games in Google’s Play Store, not very much. Many of the flappy games are direct and shameless clones of the original and unintended successful original one, but sometimes a good one pops up and offers the same, but somewhat a different challenge. Shurican is one of those game, and not only because the game is played in widescreen mode.


In Shurican, players need to tap the screen to keep the black ninja afloat. Just like in Flappy Bird, one tap means a small boost upwards. The goal is to evade all the obstacles presented to the player. And believe me, there are much more of them then in any flappy game I have ever played. Saws, spikes, roatating saws, moving spikes, devils, shooting devils, smashing devils, fire, more spikes and saws – really, this game is brutal. The developer even asks the player not to hate him, in game.

Well, hate is a strong word and an even stronger feeling, so we won’t go that far. There is, however, a mechanic of which I’m not very fond of. If players tap the screen twice, the black ninja will shoot a metal star out of its hand, clearing the area of those pesty little devils. But the double tap also means that the ninja will go twice as high upwards, making it a decision between killing a devil of evading the rotating saw. Sounds fun, but in reality, it is not. It makes the game unneccesary harder.

Not that I don’t like a challenging game. Only this mechanic presents fake choices, because the ninja must and will always jump. Also, it doesn’t make the game any more fun than it would be without the mechanic. Still, if Android gamers still love the flappy games and are in need of a die hard challenge, I can recommend the game. Because just like any other flappy clone, the base is solid and the graphics are okay – and it even has two modes to dig in.

Shurican Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nothing special at all. Fits the game's comical violence.
Controls - Simple, but not optimal for the gameplay.
Gameplay - Come on people, the fun is over with those flappies.
Replay Value - There are two modes to dig in, so there's much to do.
Overall - Solid flappy game, but the fun is over now.

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