Siegebreaker Review

Siegebreaker Review

Jan 16, 2012

The tower defense genre has been well worn, and new ideas are generally very thin. When a new game comes out it generally follows the same pattern: survive a round, then upgrade and add new hardware. The Android Market is flooded with bland, cookie-cutter tower defense games, leaving those looking for something new at a loss. Incredibly, Siegebreaker actually manages to bring something different to the tower defense genre. Instead of an infinite number of low leveled pawns, you begin the game with a horribly stereotyped “Rock God” who was playing at a show and was magically transported to a land run by identical looking brothers for kings. As the story progresses you gain companions to help you with your wave annihilating quest.

These differences add a new layer of strategy, instead of just slamming a ton of static towers in a row; Siegebreakers’ allows its ‘towers’ to be fluid and part of the strategy is actively moving them around to give you the biggest advantage over the immediate onslaught. Also different than most tower defense games is that you have the ability to move the target, and your main character has a power that lets you roll a large stone around the battlefield, crushing or injuring your opponents. These additions, combined with the ability to move your player, forge a game that makes the rounds more involving and exciting. The limited number of towers makes this game much more challenging than the norm, but the painful dialogue when these new characters enter is laughable at best. This goes for all of the dialogue in the game; “Cringeworthy” puts it nicely as overplayed “rocker” stereotypes freely flow.

Unfortunately, the dialogue isn’t the only disappointment outside of the core gameplay. Spotty animation and repetitive sounds mar this game, but because of the solid, innovative gameplay these sins are easily overlooked. If you’re not a fan of freemium apps like I am, the constant ads telling you to buy more “orbs” to level up can be annoying. It’s so hard collecting them in the game that the offer to buy seems unfair because the difficulty ramps up very quickly. Siegebreakers is a fun and fresh game, but the basic reliance for expensive upgrades can ruin this game quickly.

Siegebreaker Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Animations are not handled that well and the repetitive sounds can get annoying fast. The good news is that these don't affect the core gameplay very much.
Controls - Controls are easy enough because they're mostly simple point and drag. Dragging your character around the map can be finicky at times.
Gameplay - Gameplay is fun and refreshingly new. Unfortunately, the difficulty ramps up at an unfair rate, nearly forcing you to buy improvements.
Replay Value - As stated before the exaggerated difficulty curve is frustrating and might make you overlook all the cool additions that make this game unique.
Overall - Siegebreaker is a fun game that really breaks the mold for a tower defense game. Unfortunately, awkward dialogue and in-app purchases drag this promising game down.

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