Sleepwalker’s Journey Review

Sleepwalker’s Journey Review

Jan 3, 2013

Typically, 11 Bit Studios has been known as a more traditional gamer’s development studio. After all, their first big mobile title was the Anomaly series, games that took the tower defense formula that’s been big the last few years in particular, and let players control the invading creeps.

Sleepwalker’s Journey is not like that very much, so it’d be hard to believe at first that this is from the same studio. This is a puzzle platformer, where players control a poor sleepwalking fellow. See, he not only sleepwalks everywhere, but he also keeps sleepwalking into perilous situations. So it’s up to the player, as the invisible hand of fate, to guide the sleepwalker safely to bed for another night of sleep. There’s no direct control of the sleepwalker; players instead manipulate the environment around him to get him where he needsw to go, moving platforms, switching ramp positions, and activating switches. There are three sub-goals: collect all three moon icons, collect all the stars, and finish a level under the time limit.

Now, time is relative in Sleepwalker’s Journey. This is because it’s possible to both reverse time to correct mistakes and fast-forward through sections. Now, any actions with time will keep the normal clock going, so reversing time means that there’s less time to finish and get the clock, and fast forwarding will make it easier to finish in enough time. Make sense?

The levels wind up being a creative blend between thinking-based puzzle gameplay with plenty of timing-based elements. The puzzles, in order to get gold on them by completing all 3 sub-objectives, require that players think on their feet along with having a plan. It isn’t possible to scroll around the levels, so it’s often easier to execute a gameplan on later playthroughs. The artwork looks great as well, with a hand-painted look as well.

While the lack of scrolling through levels, and the constant forward movement of the character can make the game feel somewhat rigid, this is an otherwise-fun puzzle game to check out.

Sleepwalker’s Journey Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - Absolutely stunning visual style, with plenty of detail to boot.
Controls - Swiping and tapping works, but the way everything moves just has an odd rigidity to it.
Gameplay - The use of time and timing elements is clever.
Replay Value - Multiple challenges per level, and 45 levels to play.
Overall - 11 Bit Studios knows their way around mobile gaming, that's for sure.

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