Small Fry Review

Small Fry Review

Jan 27, 2014

Small Fry is a joyous infinite runner about the misadventures of a little fishy that’s being constantly chased by a very determined shark that for some reason, chooses to ignore tons of fat, lazy fishes, peacefully swimming around while it chases, and inevitably chomps on a fish that then escapes from her jaws anyway. The game is catchy, and fun, although a bit fishy.

The main hero constantly swims/flies forward and upward by itself, and the player’s only role is to press on the screen so the fishy would swim/fall down. I’m using dashes here, because Fry doesn’t only swim around in the ocean, where it needs to evade various fishes and other obstacles, but canSmall Fry 4 also fly up high, by hopping across flying bubbles. If it manages to hop high enough, it’ll reach outer space and will be able to fly across the asteroids in a bubble.

If the bubble bursts, it goes all the way down into the ocean. Although it’s significantly easier to fly, since there’s nothing to bump into and it lets you run away from the shark, if it gets too close, the clams that are needed to purchase any sorts of upgrades, can only be found in the ocean. The farther Fry swims, the more difficult it becomes to evade the obstacles, but the more coins can be found. These coins can be spent on upgrading temporary power-ups that are found throughout the game, setting boosters that are active for a single run, or outfitting the hero in all sorts of wacky costumes. The clams aren’t very easy to collect, but there are mini-objectives, completing which grants clam bonuses, as well as unlocks new boosters.

I liked the overall feeling of Small Fry, and its nifty looks. The water effects are particularly grand. The only issue for me was that the angle at which Fry goes up and down, is not very steep, so the player has only so much time to react to the upcoming obstacles, clams, or power-ups, otherwise it’s no use to change course. Otherwise, I had a great time. If you’re not bored by its casual lightheartedness, it’s a great and simple runner.

Small Fry Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Nicely done, especially the water.
Controls - It could help to make the hero swim up and down faster.
Gameplay - A bit repetitive, but fun.
Replay Value - It's an infinite runner, so of course it's interesting to come back to.
Overall - Fun infinite runner.

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