SmartShift Lockscreen Review

SmartShift Lockscreen Review

May 30, 2012

Many applications out there help make life easier. The problem is, most applications only serve one function, or can only do more with the help of other applications specifically made to help them. Well, for fans of location-based applications, SmartShift Lockscreen is a must try.

Android devices can use applications like Tasker and Locale to help change settings when certain criteria are met such as arriving at work will silence the ringer and shange your wallpaper to something more work appropriate. Well, SmartShift Lockscreen is a lot like that without being complicated like Tasker.

After the install, hitting the home button will ask what Home Screen Launcher to use. There may be an additional window asking which home application to use. Select SmartShift Lockscreen as the default. Once the default is set, go to SmartShift Lockscreen and open it. There is a tutorial talking about all the cool things it can do and how to make changes to the skins. After the tutorial, SmartShift Lockscreen needs to be started. There is a small on/off button in the top right of the window. Once it is started, situations can be made.

A situation is the specific things changing when other criteria are met. For example, a situation could be the settings for night time when the ringer doesn’t need to be on and the screen can be more dim. Another can be setup for when the device is on a unsecured Wi-Fi while traveling.

There are other settings needed to make SmartShift Lockscreen change automagically. There is a Places tab that can track the GPS location of the device to know when to change the situation. When at home, set up a place marker there. Also set up the office as a Place so SmartShift Lockscreen can change the device settings when it senses that location.

The next way is to use the Planner. This is a calendar to be preloaded with events like work schedules and bed times or typical driving times. Adding these appointments to the Planner will change to the desired situation when the date and time arrive overriding the other settings.

This is one of those applications that are wildly useful after a little bit of setup. Planning the week in advance will mean there will be no need to worry about being “that guy” in the meeting whose phone goes off at the worst time possible.

SmartShift Lockscreen Review Rundown

User Interface - Setting up situations and Places or adding information to the Planner is well laid out and easy to follow.
Usefulness - Once you add a few situations and events to change the settings aotmagically, you will wonder how you always remembered to change the settings manually before.
Performance - As long as the GPS was on, everything changed when it was supposed to.
Value - Great for people who go to a lot of meetings or simply want different settings for home or work or wherever.
Overall - Being that SmartShift Lockscreen is a lot easier to use than apps like Tasker, it won't be as intimidating for the new Android user.

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  • Mark22

     I like having to only do my settings once and everything is then automated based on time and my Preferences , this is very good , it goes to silent at the preset times ,connects to my office WiFi when arrive ,Brilliant