Snow Spin: Snowboard Adventure Review

Snow Spin: Snowboard Adventure Review

Dec 20, 2013

A disintegrating plane. Scattered luggage. Iced up animals. A snowboard.

Such is the world of Snow Spin: Snowboard Adventure from Android development vet

To understand the gameplay, one must understand the backstory. It revolves around a successful explorer (Professor Headwind), who, in his travels to exotic locations, has accumulated a veritable horde of exciting items. On the way home, an ill-fated shortcut has dire consequences; his plane breaks apart, strewing his property and plane parts on snow covered mountains.

The recovery effort plays out like a downward running game, but on a snowboard. Headwind is controlled downhill, withsnow1 gesture swipes ruling the roost with regards to manipulating direction. Swipes to the left, right and up make him swoosh in either direction, or jump in the air. Such movements are key, because the gameplay calls for various actions to be performed my swiping on a dime to make contact with an object.

The objects that need to be made contact with are essentially tasks, and they run the gamut. Penguins suspended in ice cubes, fish procured from ice fishing locals, luggage, igloo blocks for shelter, and more; usually, there is a set number of pieces that needed to be collected within the allotted time. It is also necessary to avoid the occasional boulder and/or tree that are the perfect run enders. As the game progresses, the reaction time needed to traverse the obstacles and collect items or free things becomes tangibly smaller, as does the margin for error.

For folks looking for an extended playing experience, this game is rated to work with Nvidia Shield console, and also with Moga Controller (though this review did not include these peripherals).

For the extended playing options and free nature, it’s hard not to look at this game favorably, but the gameplay should take care of any misgivings anyway. Well worth a look, and it reflects the season admirably.

Snow Spin: Snowboard Adventure Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Framed in an expected white backdrop with decent graphics.
Controls - Easy gestures.
Gameplay - Simple and untainted with too many complex frills.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Great gameplay, further buttressed by added functionality with Moga and Nvidia.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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