Soccer Moves Review

Soccer Moves Review

Nov 27, 2013

“He’s got a good ‘footballing brain’”. A phrase often used (by mainly English commentators) to compliment people that can’t add together ‘2 + 2’ but are good at soccer. Now it’s time to see if you’ve got a good ‘footballing brain’ with Soccer Moves.

Soccer Moves is an ‘X-Com meets FIFA’ app looks to test your smarts on the pitch and to see if you’re an Einstein of soccer. Essentially a turn-based strategy game, Soccer Moves has you starting off playing in a small park and eventually playing for your national team in the world’s biggest stadiums.unnamedCA1HYE6S

The game’s flow is as follows. Each level has a set number of opposition on the field and you’re given a number of passing moves and running moves in which to score a goal. During your turn can pass the ball and move a player once. At the end of your turn, the opposition move their players.

It’s dead simple in concept, but the game manages to make it more engaging than it first sounds. Firstly, you’ll come across a number of different types of player. Some players you’ll face are good at intercepting, and so you shouldn ‘t try and pass the ball when near them. Others are good at tackling, so dribbling with the ball near them is a no-no.

On top of that you’ll also learn a few skills of your own. Dangerous tackles can be avoide with a dribbling skill and tricky passes can be made easier with a lob skill. Both of these skills need you to time a button press perfectly to pull of though and they also cost money.

Yep, unlocking skills comes at intervals throughout the levels, but once unlocked after beating a certain level, you have to pay to then use the unlocked skill. This was a little annoying as after starting a level it would soon become clear that you’d need a skill to get through it. This then meant backing out into the shop menu and buying that skill to use.

Another minor annoyance was the unpredictability of the opposition. It was never clear if a defender would go towards the ball or carry on marking their closest opponent from turn to turn. This meant that some of my Arsene Wenger like maneuvers came undone.

Aside having to buy moves and seemingly random AI, Soccer Moves is a great game with some real polish. A good amount of content is available from the large number of levels to the ever-expanding wardrobe of unlockable costumes. Well worth a go for the more thoughful soccer fan.

Soccer Moves Review Rundown

Graphics & sound - Nicely presented. Some well animated 3D models.
Gameplay - A good range of opposition players to come up against and a solid set of turn-based mechanics make this a joy to play.
Controls - Some annoying issues when dragging commands onto the screen aside, mostly works extremely well.
Replay Value - A large number of levels and plenty to unlock.
Overall - A great game that combines sports and strategy together.

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