SpeedView Pro Review

SpeedView Pro Review

Jan 7, 2011

SpeedView Pro is an advanced speedometer application by developer Code Sector. To be honest, this is the first speedometer app I have ever downloaded. I never thought too much about a speedometer app only because — well — I already have a speedometer in my car.

I now realize that there are indeed many uses and features that a good speedometer app can provide, other than the obvious. I went ahead and decided on SpeedView Pro because it just happened to be on sale for $0.99. SpeedView is also available for “Free” in an ad-supported version for those of you who want to try before you buy (or don’t mind ads).

What exactly is an advanced speedometer application? It’s an application that tracks and displays certain trip information such as current speed and distance traveled. Different speedometer apps offer different sets of statistics and information ranging from basic to advanced. With SpeedView you get a little bit of both and you get them in a clean, clear interface. Let’s take this bad boy for a test drive and give it a trusty Android Rundown.

SpeedView Pro

How exactly does SpeedView work? SpeedView uses your device’s built-in GPS and therefore accuracy will be dependent upon your GPS reception. To test out SpeedView, I decided to take it with me on a short 45min road trip. The first thing I noticed was that the screen orientation does not change automatically and needs be set (not too big a deal). There are four different “Dashboard” views to choose from: Default, Compass, Zoom View, and Advanced. The app starts off in “Default” view (hence the word default) so that is what I used.

SpeedView’s speedometer reading was more accurate than I was expecting. The readings were only about 2mph off from my car’s speedometer reading but like I said before “I already have a speedometer.” Other “Default” on-screen information included current address, heading, odometer, max speed, and speed graph. While all these stats were cool and impressively accurate, I didn’t really care or have a need for such information. My opinions might have been different had I been using the app for a bike ride or jog but since I was in my car I really had no need for them. I did however find one particular feature useful and that was the “Speed Warning.”

Speed Warning

Now here’s a nice feature to have while driving (one that should be implemented in all US vehicles IMO). The “Speed Warning” option allows you to choose one of the current preset speeds or set a custom speed at which you can receive visual or audio warnings once exceeded. Set a maximum speed for “Urban areas,” “Highways,” and “Freeways.” You can toggle between the roadways from the “Speed limit” option on the main menu. Choose which speed limit to use accordingly and depending on your set maximum, you will now be given a warning whenever you exceed this limit.

This feature is extremely useful for those (myself) who tend to have a lead foot. The speed warning worked like a charm and I found it to have a positive effect on the speeds at which I drove. It helped me to stay below my set maximum speed and if I was stubborn enough (irresponsible enough) to ignore the audio warnings, it was not for long. Soon the repetitive annoyance became too much to ignore and I would succumb to driving responsible again. Speed warning is by far my favorite feature and a much cheaper alternative to a radar detector (or speeding ticket).

Other Features

Other interesting features include a “HUD” mode which mirrors the numbers so you can place your device on your dashboard at night and view the reflection through your vehicles windshield. I’m not too sure about this one but I guess if you don’t have a windshield mount and perhaps have a dash pad for your phone to stay steady on, this might be useful?

GPX track export is another function included in SpeedView. Enable this option and save your current track to SD or email it. GPX can also be used in conjunction with many other supported applications. All of these features along with a slew of options and customizations make SpeedView a slick, feature rich, fully functional, advanced speedometer application worthy of an Android Rundown stamp of approval.

SpeedView and SpeedView Pro are available via the Android Market and if you act fast, you can still get SpeedView Pro for $0.99 which is 50% off the regular price.

SpeedView Pro Review Rundown

Appearance - Very clean and basic appearance with focus on what's important.
User Interface - Simple and easy to use touch screen interface makes navigating a breeze.
Functionality - Surprisingly accurate with plenty of options and customizations.
Usefulness - Probably the first time I steadily drove at a respectable speed.
Overall - Solid, slick and dependable. Made a believer out of me.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Premises

    I wouldn’t say Speedview was off by 2mph. By law your cars speedometer was manufactured to over read by about 10%. So if you’re doing 100mph on the speedo you’re most likely doing around 90.

  • I was simply stating that SpeedView was about 2mph off from my car’s speedometer, not that it was off. SpeedView could very well be displaying a more accurate speed than my vehicles speedometer. Since most people base their speed off of what their vehicle’s speedometer is showing, I thought I’d let users know SpeedView’s readings are neck and neck with vehicle readings in hopes of curbing any apprehensions users may have about trusting this app to display accurate speeds. Sorry for the confusion.