SplashID Safe for Tablets

SplashID Safe for Tablets

Jan 15, 2013

How often is a password needed while browsing the web? How about other information like credit card information or maybe the login information to something else? Well SplashID Safe for Tablets can help keep all this information safe and sound and easily accessible on a phone or tablet. The app tested here is the version for tablets. Here is the version for Android phones.

The first thing I noticed when I started using SplashID Safe for Tablets was it eliminated the ability to take screen captures. I can say I’ve never noticed this feature in other safe and password managing applications. I went back and tested a couple and it’s pretty common feature apparently. When starting out, the first thing asked is to set a password. Since there’s only a need to remember one password (all of the other password will be accessible inside SplashID Safe for Tablets), it’s a good idea to make this a strong password. If needed, a hint can be added to help remember the master password or place where the password was written down and kept for safekeeping.

From here, it’s a matter of adding in all of the sites, passwords and other information for safe keeping. This is the part of any password manager that’s no fun. If the desktop version is purchased, information can be entered their and synced with the handheld devices. Otherwise the information needs to be entered manually one entry at a time. This is a great chance to eliminate old accounts and information. When entering the information, it’s a good idea to categorize and group similar passwords or accounts.

When there is a need to have more than a business and personal category, create new ones to better organize information. There’s also different “types”. The types are templates to make the entry and organization of data easier. For example one of the types is for bank accounts while another is frequent-flier miles. Using the types for some things like insurance will not replace the actual need to keep a copy of the form in the car.

The whole idea is to make sure to use SplashID Safe for Tablets or any other password manager or it’s just another app taking up space. Having everything in one spot makes SplashID Safe for Tablets a super useful tool.

SplashID Safe for Tablets Rundown

User Interface - Easy to use and well laid out.
Usefulness - Having access to passwords and other sensitive information is a must on the mobile device these days.
Performance - Everything tested worked very well. No glitches or bugs found.
Value - It would be nice if the desktop version was free and had some sort of way to better import passwords and login information
Overall - As a standalone password manager, SplashID Safe for Tablets is a good choice for anyone who takes their privacy seriously.

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  • Deandre_012

    Great review. I personally use SplashData’s SplashID Safe and it is really a 10 for being useful. I particularly like the business edition which is highly useful for developers for secure password sharing and access settings, facilitating group-level work coordination.