Star Fleet Deluxe Review

Star Fleet Deluxe Review

Aug 28, 2014

Star Fleet Deluxe is a tactical game that apes Star Trek more than a little. Taking command of a huge starship, the player stands alone against a huge force of murderous aliens, hell-bent on eradicating any and all humans in the galaxy.

Star Fleet Deluxe is a very in-depth, turn based strategy game. The game takes place over a huge area, 81 quadrants of galaxy space to be precise, filled with stars, colonies, planets and starbases.

Screenshot_2014-08-24-21-18-32Star Fleet Deluxe has the player defending a vast universe. Using a slick icon based control system, the player zooms around the universe, seeking out and destroying the warlike Krellan that serve as the game’s primary foes.

Combat is quite in-depth. The player has both phasers and torpedos at his/her disposal and after targeting an enemy the intensity of phasers or the number of torpedos in the spread can be controlled. This allows the player to either destroy or disable targets. Disabled targets can be towed back to a starbase to capture the ship and take prisoners, both of which are usually required for mission objectives.

Screenshot_2014-08-24-16-21-35As the player cruises the universe, reports come in of colonies and starbases coming under attack. Colonies must be protected and starbases, while armed, may need aid as well. Both starbases and planets can resupply the player, so keeping them safe is important to surviving as well as passing the mission. Colony defence and supply management is the whole point of Star Fleet.

Unfortunately Star Fleet Deluxe sucks every iota of fun out of the gameplay with its insistence that every single vessel and base is destroyed in the time limit. It is extremely disheartening to spend twenty minutes on a mission, only to fail because one or two enemy bases on planets couldn’t be found in time. Never mind the fact the player just destroyed 40 ships single-handedly and saved all colonies and starbases, if there’s a single enemy ship or base anywhere, the mission is failed and the game must be started from scratch. This is terrible. There is no need for this exactness. Why not simply base it on the amount of met objectives rather than having to get every single one?

Also the way that boarding combat is handled is completely arbitrary. There is absolutely no control over it. Space Marines may simply flat out fail to take the smallest fighter or take it with nearly no causalities.

Star Fleet Deluxe’s graphics aren’t special at all. Like many strategic games the player spends most of their time reading text and thinking, not gawking at graphics. Star Fleet has a very good interface with plenty of detailed reports to help the player keep on top of their task. A series of icons is used to execute orders and it works very well.

Star Fleet Deluxe is a good strategy game that demands perfection just a little too much. With a less draconian mission structure this game could be great, but it is still a competent strategy game and worth playing.

Star Fleet Deluxe Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - A effective interface and basic graphics. Nice Treky sound.
Controls - A good interface.
Gameplay - Robust strategy, but an irritating mission structure and a few random elements.
Replay Value - Rather repetitive gameplay, but addictive and engaging.
Overall - Star Fleet Deluxe is an enjoyable strategic experience, but some annoying elements hold it back.

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  • Kevin

    Thank you for taking the time to review the game. Great

    I appreciate the comments about the command interface as that was one of the major areas I could contribute on from the conversion of the original game. If I were a better artist, I could have probably done more with the graphics.

    As to your major ding against the game I absolutely understand the position. I’ve recently been playing “Plague Inc” where you have to try to wipe out the entire world with a disease. I figure if my disease wipes out ~6.7B people with less than 5K left… that should be good enough.. nope!

    Let me try to defend this mechanic if I could.

    Certainly, an argument could be made from the plausibility of that mechanic from within the game universe. Not only are you to defend the region and it’s colonies but you need to push out the Krellans because the rest of your fleet is using that region as a staging area for future attacks. If a single base or single ship remain then intelligence about your fleet (numbers, ship types, ingress/egress routes) could be reported back to the Krellan’s strategic command. Strong argument? … eh! Let’s assume there’s more that needs said.

    The key to success is a straight-forward tactic, break the heart of the invasion (i.e. the Battlecruisers) and then mop up before you turn the lights out. If my goal was to simply succeed in the mission then that’s all I need focus on. However, there’s glory to be earned. What great Captain doesn’t want to flex their muscle. You want decorations, you want stats to brag about then go above the basic requirement of forcing the Krellans out and bring in some prisoners, bring in some ships, take time to hunt down some Zaldrons, don’t let the Starbase steal the glory of destroying a Battlecruiser. These are the temptations any glory-hound should seek… but there’s a price. Some consequence to go with your decisions. Reach for the flawless mission at the cost of… your ship, your crew… your ability to complete the mission within the window provided.

    Drama aside, the player needs to balance their desire to strive for the “Hero of the Alliance” medal and monster stats with mission success. That is one of the major reasons for the mechanic. The other is certainly to add some stress and sense of urgency to the game. If the mix isn’t correct then it can become a detriment to the game. The game could certainly let you win with less than total victory and give you a reduced score. What you may find with that mechanic, though, is in order to achieve promotion you will still have to play more games to make up for the sub-standard scores you get for partial success. (i.e. you will have to ‘replay’ missions at that level).

    Anyways! Thank you so much for the review. I certainly appreciate the time you spent reviewing, playing and writing about the game. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have questions/comments or want to tell me about a great mission story you had!


    Developer Star Fleet Deluxe

  • Tre Lawrence

    Great feedback Kevin.