Star Wars: Force Arena Review

Star Wars: Force Arena Review

Jan 29, 2017

If truth be told, when something has the “Star Wars” tag, folks pay attention. Hey, I am not here to question that, because I am at the head of the herd. Return of the Jedi is the first movie I fell in love with.

One of the latest imprints on Google Play, Star Wars: Force Arena cries out to be handled, and that is truly hard to resist.

Launching the game brings the artwork to bear, allowing players to behold characters and environments from the expanded Star Wars universe. Main characters pack the appropriate weapons, and different factions have appropriate henchmen.

The tutorial is hands-on, and given one the basics of combat and card usage.

Now, the action does get interesting, especially the 1v1. Using the aforementioned cards and the hero selected, one gets to go head-to-head against an enemy group led my an opposite leader character. As in the training sequences, the core gameplay involves taking on the enemy (and his/her) crew in a virtual capture — or, more accurately, destroy — the enemy’s flag.


So, say one selects Luke Skywalker as one’s standard bearer… one also gets a selection of cards that represent troops and firepower one can call on to win the battle. Then, fight on and take out the enemy’s main installation first.

Now, the strategy required is what makes the game interesting. One has to account for regeneration of leader, recharging of special weapon, and all sorts of elements with regards to rebuffing attacks and getting to the promised land to do damage.

Doing well yields rewards like XP gold and decks; beyond 1v1 and training, there is also 2v2 and a team-up mode. Guilds are available to join when one gets to Level 3; there are achievements too, but there is an energy requirement. Real money can be used to expedite processes.

Star Wars: Force Arena Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Familiar characters and locales, quite well done.
Controls - A bit finicky at first, but decent with practice.
Gameplay - Plenty of action and unlockable modes.
Replay Value - Hard to put down.
Overall - A fun game with great background material.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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