Stickman Soccer 2014 Review

Stickman Soccer 2014 Review

Jul 10, 2014

How can a developer make a soccer video game more accessible and reliable than, say, a complex soccer video game like FIFA or PES? By simplifing the controls and putting in some stickmen instead of the well known soccer players.


Americans probably won’t watch the World Cup like they did last week. But here in Holland, the World Cup fever keeps getting higher and higher and during those matchless days, we crave for football and look for it else. But not everyone likes or can handle games like FIFA or PES, so mobile game developers have the chance to fill in the gap and can provide us with some casual soccer video game experiences. Enter Stickman Soccer 2014, not the be confused with another sport series that uses the same Stickman name in their games.

Stickman Soccer 2014 is one of those games gamers can pick up easily, because of two things: the simple premise of the game and the easy to use on-screen controls. Really, everything in this game speaks for itself and that is a massive plus for the game. But on-screen controller input never has been something to be proud of and even in that case, Stickman Soccer 2014 thought of something: automatic running. Although it is a solution to that problem, it comes with another. By not controlling the players directly – a big feature in footies – the game gets rather dull. The only thing players have to do at that point is shooting and tackling and that is just not enough to come by.

The other big problem I have with this game that it costs either a lot of money or time to get the full experience. The game costs 99 cents at first, but that’s not enough to get the full game. Players need to spend extra cash to unlock more modes and matches in the game, they need to play a lot of the same matches in the beginning or need to watch some commercials to unlock everything. Most of the time, it is this: or paying for the full game or get bugged by commercials. In Stickman Soccer 2014, it is both. Combined with the overall theme and timing of release, I wouldn’t be a quick judge saying this is nothing less than a quick cash cow for the developer.

And that is a shame. Because, although the Stickmen could mean nothing to a player while playing, the game looks really nice and provides two kinds of controle schemes to fit the needs of the player. And it does offer a lot of gameplay to the player – but only if they watch the commercials or pay the extra cash. It’s just too obvious of a cash cow.

Stickman Soccer 2014 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks and sounds are well made.
Controls - Although providing two schemes, both aren't great.
Gameplay - Is suffering from the controls, because it's very dull (even though it's accessible).
Replay Value - There's much to do, both the revenue model is a bit to much.
Overall - Combining the overall theme and timing of release, I wouldn’t be a quick judge saying this is nothing less than a quick cash cow for the developer.

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  • Allan Curtis

    I have to say that is one of the worst app icons ever. it looks a lot like Blackface which is something you really don’t want. Also can we stop with the World Cup cashins now?