Stickman Tennis Review

Stickman Tennis Review

Aug 18, 2015

Stickmen? Tennis? Nah, I don’t mind giving Stickman Tennis a shot. We are talking about a tennis sim with stickman, right?

The gameplay utilizes a tennis court — of course — with a lengthwise view, much like one would watch a real tennis match on TV. The stickman populate the whole thing, from the players to the personnel to the spectators; the graphics are subdued, and the sound feels familiar.

The game incorporates a bunch of virtual buttons — three for specific shots: lobs, slices, and strokes with topspin. In the training module, one learns that timing is of essence, and the power of a shot can be affected by how long one “holds” the button down. To the left, there is a directional joystick that the player can use to control the direction of the shot.

For the movement of the player, one can toggle the game to control the movement, or one can selct “Pro” and control the player movement him/herself.

The rest of the training module is hands on training; one gets to return balls and otherwise get acquainted with the entire control mechanism. This is especially useful in understanding how to do what.


With regards to gameplay, there are several options which help one customize the playing experience, such as the amount and length of sets and the difficulty of opponents, in addition to the aforementioned running style. Then, one can choose to do a quick match, or do a more career-defining “Tour” track.

The latter involves taking part in several tournaments in different cities, and (hopefully) doing well enough to move on and unlock ones further down the line. The tourneys have different status levels and expertise requirements, and they will be familiar to tennis fans, ranging from Winston-Salem to Wimbledon… and then some.

The action involves stickmen, obviously, and the animations work well. The game does progress well, and the difficulty levels allow one to experience a lot of gaming.

It is a simple game, a worthy of a look, and maybe much more, if one so chooses.

Stickman Tennis Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Subdued, but expressive.
Controls - A bit involved, but mostly effective.
Gameplay - Simple tennis sim.
Replay Value - Fairly addictive.
Overall - Interesting game with a great fan-friendly motif.

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