Stop The Robots Review

Stop The Robots Review

Feb 14, 2013

Looks like 2013 might be the year of the renegade robot. Zombies and menacing pizza will always be in our hearts, but robots are in.

Stop The Robot is a cleverly-imagined tower defense game that pits roughneck kids against robots attempting to breach their backyard lawn fences.

I started out at the bottom of the totem pole. There were three levels of difficulty, easy (Iron), medium (Steel) and hard (Titanium). Iron was opened by default, and I started off as Frank, The Slingshot King. Armed with my wooden weapom, I aimed and fired upon oncoming robots that were intent upon destroying the fence I was protecting. It started off easily enough, and, predictably got tougher, with more marching robots in spread-out clusters

At the completion of levels, I was graded on number of robots destroyed, fence and accuracy. I also learned how much coins the preceding campaign netted me, as well as an overall score that was determined by the stats mentioned above.

The goal of the game was to destroy the robots before they could destroy my fence. To accomplish this, I had to do well enough to get the coins necessary to upgrade abilities, recruit allies and strengthen my fortifications. To dispatch enemy machinery, I had to tap the robots for my catapult-wielding protagonist to fire. Both parties (game UK and I) had interactive life bars that showed how much juice was left. If the fence was breached, I failed that level.

I had the option of using game cash to expedite upgrades.

The game was a almost as fun to watch I think the robots could have had a bit more character, and some animation seemed stilted, but I did like the use of colors, as the developer was able to create a engrossing collage. Stop The Robots is a great take on a popular genre of change.

Stop The Robots Review Rundown

Graphics/sound - Looked good and sounded good.
Controls - Tap, tap, tap!
Gameplay - Easy to understand and well conceived.
Replay Value - Addictive qualities.
Overall - An exciting take on a gaming staple.

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