Storm of Swords Review

Storm of Swords Review

Jul 31, 2015

A-and we’re back with the strategies. Storm of Swords, despite its catchy name, has nothing to do with Game Of Thrones universe, and thankfully, doesn’t try to. It’s a cartoony free-to-play strategy game with all the staple elements, and even with a couple more.

The gameplay of Storm of Swords looks a lot like Clash of Clans copycat, but in fact, it’s a bit different than that. There are a lot of similarities, of course. The player needs to maintain a medieval castle, while fighting with roaming bandit hordes, orcs, goblins, and other fantasy cliches. The castle requires a lot of different buildings, serving various purposes. The player can build resource-gathering buildings to haul the needed resources. He can also build castle defenses and barracks, Storm of Swords 3in order to be prepared for the possible invasion, and to maintain his own army. Lastly, the player has a hero that he can equip, improve, as well as hire new ones. They are required for the army to function, and are the most powerful units out there, so they require a lot of preparation. I doubt that any of that is very different for experienced FTP strategy players, though. Oh, also, there’s no actual battle strategy. After two armies start clashing, there seems to be no way for the player to interact with the battle.

The big part of Storm of Swords is a sprawling multiplayer element. The player’s castle is situated on a server that also holds a bunch of different castles, and whenever a player reaches a certain kingdom level, he is able to transfer to another one, with different enemies and similarly powerful players. This keeps the players on a seemingly leveled playing field, at the same time making the game feel fresh. I’d say that this system works great.

Overall, Storm of Swords looks alright. It’s not flashy and doesn’t try to re-imagine things, but it works well as a casual free-to-play strategy. The gameplay emphasizes more of an economic accent, but there’s enough fighting for the aggressive types. I definitely see it becoming a favorite for some players.

Storm of Swords Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - It's alright.
Controls - Simple tapping.
Gameplay - It's staple, but works alright.
Repaly Value - Lots of achievements and a great story and castle progression.
Overall - As far as unimaginative free-to-play strategies go, this is the least frustrating option.

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