Stupid Zombies 2 Review

Stupid Zombies 2 Review

Oct 23, 2012

With Halloween right around the corner, seems like more zombie games are coming out. Stupid Zombies 2 is a fun zombie game that’s not quite a physics-based game and it’s not quite a puzzle game. What I mean is, the zombies are just standing there (in the beginning). To shoot zombies use walls to ricochet of bullets to reach zombies.

The different levels of the game offer different challenges by the way the barriers are position. The barriers and metal and sometimes have small gaps in them for the bullets to go through. These holes are both a benefit and a disadvantage because as the bullet ricochets around it might unintentionally sneak through one of these openings. Only a set number of bullets are given her round. When the bullets are gone the level needs to be reset.

The beginning of the game starts out super easy but even just a few levels in it gets pretty complicated. Part of the complication comes from the way the barricades are set up and also the zombies begin to move. Some of the zombies will climb walls and use their arms to move across the ceiling. This means not only does the angle and the ricochet need to be accounted for, so does the timing of their movements.

A set number of stars is given based on how efficiently all the zombies are killed. This is a combination of how many rounds of ammo it took to kill the zombies and the time it took. When the required number of stars is gathered, the chapter is complete. Multiple rounds in each chapter give plenty of chances to earn stars in advance quickly to the next chapter.

More points for killing more than one zombie with a single bullet. Higher scores are also given for killing the zombie with a headshot. When the level just does not seem possible to beat, there is an alternate weapon. From the start of the game there is a bomb to use which will kill all of the zombies in one use. The downside to using the bomb is only one star is given.

Stupid Zombies 2 Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The graphics are pretty detailed. The different types of zombies have pretty good details in the clothing and items that are holding. The zombie sound effects are not overpowering either. There's a few sounds as the level starts and then it's just the sound of the gun as it fires and the bullet ricochets.
Controls - The controls are pretty basic, tap the area of the screen where you'd like the bullet to shoot and the character fires the gun.
Gameplay - I like games like this. They are yet make you think about each move you make.
Replay Value - Multiple chapters and progressively more difficult levels are surefire way to get people to play it again and again.
Overall - I really like the with the game takes a very popular theme makes it a little bit different.

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  • Totes love this game! I love zombie games like this and Tapslayer. Can kill lots of zombies in Tapslayer using diff characters and awesome weapons. If you guys know other zombie games like Stupid Zombies and Tapslayer, let me know! :D

  • zombie_lol

    I agree with you hayalli01. I enjoy both games and I still love them. Tapslayer is an awesome game too. I am using Mage Alice and Tier 6 weapon to kill those ugly zombies!