Super Jabber Jump Review

Super Jabber Jump Review

Jun 20, 2016

Super Jabber Jump somehow feels like a breath of fresh air.

Off the bat, the graphics transport one back… way back, to a glorious time when platformers fashioned after prodigious brothers and inquisitive gorillas held sway. Yep, chunky graphics and retro-ish washed out graphics meld together to create a visually pleasing environment that helps to enhance the game.

With regards to gameplay, we have a 2D platform caper; the player controls the protagonist that moves generally from left to right, looking to make it to the finish line to complete individual levels. Movement and actions are controlled by a virtual set of controls: moving in either direction, jumping and throwing weapons.

Of course, such a bank of controls hints at some of the goodness — and dastardly obstacles — to come. There are wondering baddies that look to hurt our protagonist. With a limited amount of lives, one needs to be smart, and either avoid or jump. There are also exhaustible weapons one can use on enemies and structures, plus different leveled areas, and one can exploit special areas and block pieces to collect goodies. Coins line the travelways, there is a time trial element, and there are some tricky aspects that become apparent when one gets further into the game. Boosts are available too.


It incorporates a simple upgrade system, with purple diamonds being the main game cowrie shell. The game issues an allotment that can be collected at intervals, and one can use them to extend boosts and the like.

It comes across as an engaging platformer, with enough familiar elements to make one fairly familiar with the gameplay. The combination of action and graphics works well, and it is able to engage by adding new twists every so often. The controls are easy to navigate, and it is also blessed with a relatively intuitive upgrade process.

Some folks might want a bit more action, but the game mostly succeeds because it doesn’t do too much, and in the long run, that is almost always a good thing.

That seems to hold true here.

Super Jabber Jump Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Delightfully old school, with stilted animations and more.
Controls - Virtual controls that control movement and offense.
Gameplay - Core platformer gameplay.
Replay Value - Quite engaging; the simplicity is a big draw.
Overall - A simple hrowback game that works well in the present.

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