Symphony of Eternity Review

Symphony of Eternity Review

Oct 6, 2011

In the early 90’s I spent a lot of my free time playing RPGs on the Super Nintendo. Games like Final Fantasy II (IV if you want to get all technical about it) kept my attention for hours upon hours by providing a decent plot coupled with a good turn-based combat system. Throw in a bunch of loot to be collected, and equipped, and you’ve got a recipe for a long lasting and enjoyable gaming experience.

Symphony of Eternity attempts to revive the old school RPG genre on the Android platform, and in a lot of ways, it succeeds. The game starts in a castle in the kingdom of Eashtend where a coup is taking place. The princess escapes, and meets up with a pair of adventurers questing to find a magical wish-granting item.

As you follow the characters on their journey, you’ll fight monsters in turn-based battles, collect new equipment to help your characters beat the monsters they’ll encounter, and level up to increase your stats, and learn new special skills. The combat and leveling systems both feel great when compared with classic games in the genre. If you played 16-bit era RPGs you’ll feel right at home in Symphony of Eternity.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the plot. Alright, maybe that’s not fair – the game was originally written in Japanese, and the English translation definitely has a few hiccups, so maybe the story beats just weren’t translated well. For example, the kingdom of Eashtend was probably supposed to be Eastend, but thanks to a rough translation, we wound up with the more unusual name.

If you can tolerate the massive amount of mediocre dialog that drives the story along, you’ll find yourself enjoying a great RPG with intuitive controls, and a well done combat and leveling system. Symphony of Eternity may not be the rebirth of the classic RPG, but it’s definitely a solid entry in the genre. If you like classic RPGs you’ll probably want to check this game out.

Symphony of Eternity Review Rundown

Graphics and Sound - Neither the graphics nor the sound do anything to impress you, but they get the job done.
Controls - Symphony of Eternity has simple, intuitive controls ideally suited to the gameplay
Gameplay - Fans of classic RPGs will feel right at home with the combat and leveling systems.
Replay Value - Symphony of Eternity offers an enjoyable and lengthy gameplay experience, but you're not likely to play it through multiple times.
Overall - Symphony of Eternity is a solid old school RPG worth checking out if you're a fan of the genre.

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