Tamagotchi Life: Tap and Hatch Review

Tamagotchi Life: Tap and Hatch Review

Apr 30, 2014

Tamagotchi Life: Tap and Hatch is a puzzle game best described as a mix up between the world and gameplay mechanics of the populair Tamagotchi virtual pets and the insanely beloved Candy Crush Saga type of games.

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In this game the goal is to score a set amount of points by clearing blocks of randomly generated colors, so the Tamagotchi on the top of the screen will hatch from its egg. After that, you have to help the little bugger grow up, just like we all did in the nineties. Players clear the screen by swiping away a set of three or more of the same color blocks. They don’t have to be all horizontal of vertical; the game let’s you go diagonal as well, which is cool.

But the game is fundamentally flawed. Its gameplay is focused on getting enough points to clear the level, but players are extremely dependent on the randomly generated colors of the blocks. If the don’t fall down in you favor and can’t clear the level, than it presents a dilemma: do I start over or buy extra turns? In both cases, the problem of the randomly generated colors of the blocks remains, so, later on, a lot of time is spent at retrying stages, which is very unpleasant.

In total there are more than hundred stages to play and it’s possible to complete them without paying anything, but it takes a strong mind or a big fan to do so. Because of it’s random nature, I felt the urge to do something else instead, something that is relied on skill and not a big portion of luck. Sometimes it gives you exactly what is needed, but there are also times I felt pushed at buying something I didn’t want to.

And that’s a shame. The game plays and looks really well and it’s definitely visible the developer spend a lot of time achieving that. Because of the Tamagotchi theme, Namco Bandai accessed it’s huge library of Tamagotchi creatures, so fans of the series will feel right at home. Furthermore, the graphics look really slick and neat, building upon the foundation its initial developer made with the Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop on Nintendo DS. Tamagotchi Life: Tap and Hatch is a nice game with well-known gameplay mechanics, but sometimes forces the player to buy stuff. And that’s not cool.

Tamagotchi Life: Tap and Hatch Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - The developer put a lot of effort into graphics and sound.
Controls - Well known controls for this type of puzzle game.
Gameplay - It doesn't stand out from the crowd gameplay wise.
Replay Value - There is al lot to do, but sometimes I felt forced to buy someting.
Overall - Nice themed puzzle game, which Tamagotchi fans will love.

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