Tiki Monkeys Review

Tiki Monkeys Review

Feb 14, 2014

In Tiki Monkeys, thieving monkeys have to be set straight, and it isn’t the easiest task.

It is a colorful exhibition, and it is easy to enjoy the gameplay which is rendered in top-down perspective. The characterizations are simple, and the animations are quite avid when it counts. The jungle motif is well represented in the green foliage, and the developer seemingly ignores overly extraneous visual distractions, which seems to feel right in this iteration.

The gameplay develops quite rapidly, which is something I prefer. The built-in tutorial adequately explains the basics of success and advancement. To start, thwarting the monkeys is as simple as swiping across them in sequence. This clears the monkeys, releases collectible coinage and allows our recovery specialist to move through to the next level. Then, as progress is made, a lit bit more is demanded of the player to clear the level. Stuff like frying pan tiki1armor that can be devolved by neutralized by tapping, after which the monkey can be persuaded to give up the riches. Then, even more obstacles occur: metamorphosing monkeys that alternate between mammal and inanimate object, lethally levitating spheres of fire and more. Some defense is also called for, because the monkeys know how to weild fruit dangerously, so tapping to deflect launched coconuts and bananas is sometimes called for.

The game possesses a palpable arcade feel, with power-ups and upgrades available. Some can be crucially useful, like freezing the fire or the power to dispatch protected monkeys in one tap. Timing and dexterous fingers are important, as errant taps (like on a fire ball) can end the run or cost the player valuable points. Gold coins are the means of trade, and can be earned or bought with real life cash.

I still feel as though the power-up system could be streamlined a bit; it gets a bit busy after a while. Still, the gameplay mostly make up for any drawbacks. Sometimes, it’s okay for a game to make it hard to come up for air. this one manages to do that most of the time.

Tiki Monkeys Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Bright and inviting.
Controls - Fairly intuitive: mostly taps.
Gameplay - Engaging and increasing in complexity as progress is attained.
Replay Value - Quite engaging
Overall - In the right hands, can be a captivating game.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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