Time Surfer Review

Time Surfer Review

Oct 9, 2013

Like surfing? Forget surfing on water! Time Surfer features surfing on cosmic pathways, grinding on planets and more as an anonymous surfer takes one more ride before the inevitable end of the universe.

In Time Surfer, players control a surfer surfing though time and space. He movesScreenshot_2013-10-03-19-47-40 automatically but his velocity can be controled by tapping and holding to go faster as he travels downhill, just like a surfer riding a wave. Many gaps litter the surf and the idea is use this momentum to fling him though the course, clearing gaps and flying as fast as possible.

Also on the ride are aliens that can be bounced on for extra speed, zippers that when boosted over send the surfer zipping along and planets that can grinded on to go even faster. A huge part of the game is timing taps to go just fast enough to hit every speed boosting thing in a row without missing. Speed is also important, as the fiery doom of the end of the universe is a constant threat, looming just off the screen waiting to rush in and end the game. The longer the game lasts the faster it gets, until perfect play is needed to stay in the game.

Screenshot_2013-10-03-19-59-09Thankfully, Time Surfer makes this much easier by featuring the ability to rewind time. As your surfer zips along the cosmos, casually railing off homeworlds, a power bar for the ability slowly rises. At any time the game can be rewound for a few moments, up to a maximum of about three seconds. While this might not seem like much, it can give a second chance to clear a line of jumps or perfect a speed boost. The game becomes so fast and difficult later in a surf that using time abilities is all but required to survive.

Once you finish a surf, you gain experience and gems that are picked up during the game.Screenshot_2013-10-03-20-01-36 Experience unlocks new pets that can be equiped. These give players different abilities, from undoing one fall, to enhancing how fast speed boosts are. Gems can be spent on cosmetic upgrades as well, like different surfer appearances and effects. This adds a great sense of progression. A lot of the pets and items on offer are callbacks to other games or internet memes which only adds to the fun. In a happy exception to the rule, Time Surfer includes no form of IAP whatsoever, all unlockables are gained by simply becoming good enough at the game to use and take advantage of them.

Time Surfer looks fantastic. Using a clean pixel art style, the game’s trippy palette gives the journey a dreamy look and little touches like how the surfer blurs when he speeds up and the constantly changing backgrounds give the game a unique, interesting look that makes it beg to be played. It sounds fantastic too, with simple yet impressive effects and a number of awesome techno-ambient tracks that perfectly suit the game’s action.

Time Surfer is an excellent, great looking, great sounding funfest that is a steal for 99 cents. Play it today!

Time Surfer Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Warm, inviting pixel art, great sound effects and sublime music.
Control - Reacts first time, every time.
Gameplay - Simple and fun with depth.
Replay Value - Loads of unlockables and no IAP to be found.
Overall - Time Surfer is a very fun game with a great sense of style.

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