Trilight Review

Trilight Review

Mar 4, 2013

In an application environment as robust as Android’s, not just any old game resonates with users. Simply put, there is a lot of them, and every major genre is represented, and represented well. But that opens another issue; how many different ways can one do a puzzle?

Trilight, from One-Up Asia Holdings, shows that is is possible to still be a fairly innovative and vibrant within loose boundaries.

Trilight is a color-based puzzle game built on triangles. It allows for the player to match speed, dexterity and even a little bit of strategy to score points.

The game itself started with A triangle made up of triangles. Each of the smaller triangles was made up of at least two colors (there was red, green and blue). Using finger taps as a rotation tool, I had to try to create triangles of the same color; upon doing this, the triangle “exploded”, replaced with a new random triangle with non-matching sides and giving me points. Because some triangles shared sides, it was possible to “shift” sides and thereby introduce a bit of strategy to the proceedings. Speed played a big part, as there was a countdown bar that gave a visual representation of diminishing time to make it to the next level. No surprise that the triangles grids get bigger at higher levels.

Additionally, there were special goodies that appeared in triangles periodically. Completing a triangle around these specials gave me stuff like extra time and color changes. Of course,the appearance of these items forced quick decisions and a redirection of attention.

The game was a feast of colors on a fairly flat backdrop, which mostly made sense, as the colored triangles were supposed to have main billing. The colors were sharp in presentation, and even though I found the font of the scoreboard a bit zaney for my tastes, it did fit with the overall character of the game.

I really liked this game, a bit more than I expected. It was a delightful puzzler, and an excellent, addictive time-waster.

Trilight Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Sharp colors and reactive animations.
Controls - Choice of rotational touch-based direction.
Gameplay - Easy to learn with full fledged tutorial
Replay Value - Surprisingly addictive.
Overall - Fun puzzle game that keeps players on toes.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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